How to use Teleport in RuneScape Mobile

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What I like about RuneScape Mobile is that it is one of the remaining MMORPG mobile game that are still using the original mechanics of questing. Unlike other games that uses automation to locate and complete quest, RuneScape mobile sticks to its classic foundation and allow players to solve the quest by their own and completely get satisfied with the whole game.

But did you know that you can there are still automation in the game? It’s the teleport system will allow players to move from one map region to another.

How to use Home Teleport

To teleport, you just need to click the H icon on the upper right corner of the game screen.

This will show the Lodestone Network map, it will also show the region that you already unlocked. In order to teleport to other region, you need to unlock it first by walking to the region.

Now, click the region that you want to Home Teleport.

Your character will then draw a circle on the ground and will be teleported to the region in a few seconds.

Other region is also locked for free members, you need to become a premium member to unlock other map region.

It is quite expensive, but thinking it will support the developer, why not.

How to Teleport to the Quest

Each of the quest has also built-in teleport which allow the player to get to the correct map region for the solving a quest, instead of going through each map region trying to find the objectives.

Just like on the first mission called “Basic Combat, Kill 5 cows”, we’ve been roaming around the game on the initial phase and we get lost by looking for the correct cow to defeat. Little we did know that it is possible to teleport to the correct map region to complete the mission.

In the quest menu on the left corner of the screen, click the Quest title to open the Activity Tracker menu.

This will show the available quest you have received, pick the quest that you want to complete and click Challenges.

Make sure to claim the reward first for you to teleport. Once all of the existing rewards claimed.

Now, click the UPDATE button – this will start to track the objective and you’ll be teleported to the correct map.

Note: If you are already in the correct map region, teleporting will not be available. The teleport spawn will be at the center of the map region and not to the specific quest location. You still need to find it.

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