Fishing Guide in RuneScape Mobile, How to Catch Fish

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Playing the RuneScape Mobile takes a lot of time to understand the basics of it, especially when you played this games a long time ago. In this guide, we will teach you how to get some fish in the game!

Table of Contents

  1. Equipment for Fishing
  2. How to Catch a Fish
  3. How to Sell Fish

Equipment for Fishing

Before starting, there are basic requirement for you to start fishing, one of these are the fishing equipment. You can get these for free at the Fishing Shop.

You can locate these fishing shop from the map. Press the globe icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

It will pop up the world map, on the left corner, there will be a list of guide location. You can find Fishing Shop at Shops / Trading > Skill/Crafting. Check the Fishing Shop to show in the map.

At Lumbridge, the nearest Fishing Shop is at the castle.

Once you’ve find it, go to the Shop and talk to the NPC assigned.

Based from your level, it will give you the free item that you can use to get fish. For fishing level 1 to 9, you’ll get a free Small fishing net and Crayfish cage.

On other Fishing shop, you can also purchase fishing rod and harpoon.

Select the free item and press Take.

How to Catch a Fish

Since you have now equipment for fishing, you’re ready to go. What you need right now is to find the Fishing Spot.

You can find these fishing spot on the map as well.

Open the map icon on the upper right corner, and on the left corner, To find it, on the lower left on Key tab, find it on Resources > Fishing Spot. Make sure to check it to show it on the map.

Example in Lumbridge, there are 6 fishing spot location. But each of these fishing spot has a level requirement. For level 1 to 9, you can only do Net Fishing.

Go to the fishing spot, and click the area with bubble on it to start fishing.

Your character will not start to fish, it will earn certain experience for level up after each catch. It will only stop once your inventory is full.

How to Sell Fish

After you catch several fish, you can now sell it to earn gold. You can sell these fish at the Fishing Shop.

In this example, Raw crayfish can be sold around 1 Gold each.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you understand the basic of catching fish in RuneScape Mobile.

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