Tencent’s Designer Remake the Buildings of Red Alert 2

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In the early days of PC gaming, Red Alert 2 is one of the first RTS game that became a hit to all ages. Those kids who play this game during 2000’s are now grown-ups, and some are likely working at a game company. The same thing happen to a designer from Tencent’s TGideas who loved the game and recreated his favorite RTS game at his vacant time.

A designer from Tencent TGideas named 小田仙人 posted his work at GameCores website recreating the game building of Red Alert 2 into a high definition making it looks like an official remake of the game.

See all of his work below.

Here an Allied ore refinery building with an 1:1 scale version of the miner vehicles.

Allied construction yard.

Allied Ore Purifier

Allied service depot for tanks and vehicles.

Allied naval shipyard building.

Allied Barracks.

Allied war factory building.

Allied weather control device building.

Soviet’s cloning vat building.

Lastly, a compilation of all Allied buildings.

Last year, EA released the remastered version of the original Command & Conquer that gets a higher resolution, textures and audio remaster. The community gives positive feedback on the released of the remastered game and are hoping to see a remake version of the Red Alert 2 as well.

Do you love to see this remakes happen to Red Alert 2? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Mortecha November 27, 2020 7:13 pm

    Yeah there shoulf be a bundled TS/RA2 remake with released source. When this happens this will be amazing, it would be awesome to also see 小田仙人’s work rendered into the correct perspective, animated and put in the game.


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