Suspected Cheaters will be Matched Against Each Other in Call of Duty Warzone

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Good news to all Call of Duty Warzone players, those annoying cheaters in every game will finally got their own taste of medicine. Infinity Wards just revealed via Twitter post that suspected cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone will now be forced to play against each other as punishment.

Since the launch of the game, one of the main problems of the Call of Duty Warzone is the influx of cheaters in every match. Even the 70,000 cheaters banned last week didn’t stop them from infecting the game. Players are posting about their concern over Reddit and even popular YouTuber suggested disabling the cross play match between PC and console to get rid of these cheaters.

Although Infinity Wards did not reveal how they exactly identify those cheaters, the new update will go into effect this week. This type of ban is called a shadow ban, allowing cheaters to still play the game without knowing that they are already banned – until they discover it, likely from becoming irritated by other cheaters in every match.

To encourage players to report cheaters, they also included an update that allows players to be notified if their ban report is successful. They also announce an upcoming features that allows players to directly report cheaters during the killcam and spectate modes similar to PUBG.

What do you think of this move of Infinity Wards? Will it be effective to combat cheaters in the game? Let us know in the comment section.

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