Saint Seiya Awakening Easter Egg Gacha Event (KotZ)

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It’s Lent season, the Knights of the Zodiac version of Saint Seiya Awakening is having a special event for everyone, the Easter Egg Gacha. The event will allow all players to get a free redeem code that can be activated in the game.

There are six different rewards, the 1st rewards includes high-tier of in-game items while the 6th rewards are fair-tier items. Below, you’ll see the list of rewards for this event.

How to Join the Easter Gacha Event

To participate in the event, check the event page at

You need to login your GTarcade account to get a raffle entry. After logging in, you need to click the START button on the page, it will randomize an egg, click STOP to end the gacha roll. The equivalent prize you’ll get depends on the egg you get (Please check above image for the prize list).

The code will then show automatically and the prizes and placed you’ve got.

To redeem the code, simply visit, select your region and input the code.

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