Jill Playing as Jill, Resident Evil 3 Remake model Sasha Zotova

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Isn’t that amazing when you see the real person behind a game character playing as herself? A Russian model, Sasha Zotova who happens to be the model use for the character Jill Valentines in the game Resident Evil 3, posted a live video on YouTube playing as herself “Jill Valentines”. She titled the video Jill plays as Jill.

It was first reported that Sasha was the model of Jill when she posted a private video in her Instagram account playing the video game, and which she also said that she wanted to turn on to gaming streaming in the future.

Yesterday, Sasha finally confirmed it after she posted an hour and half long game play video playing Resident Evil 3. Here are some of the noticeably funny comment we found from the viewers, “She smiles when she sees her own face in game, that is so cute” commented by Sick Rabbit and by Najya “I can’t imagine how Jill in real life. But it’s so cool to see this video, I mean… real Jill has been playing RE 2 live!!!”.

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