How to Report Players in Call of Duty Warzone

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Get sick of cheaters in the Battle Royale version of Call of Duty, the Warzone. With a limited life per round, it is frustrating to win against these cheater in the game and to be the last-man standing. You easily get killed with these kids simply because they know your location and can auto-aim with head-shot.

During the game, there is no way to report these cheaters because of limited feature, however it is already in the game but hidden underneath menus. Take note, reporting cheater won’t immediately ban the player but you have assurance that a support team from Infinity Ward will look at these reports. Just recently, 70,000 players has been banned from the due to cheating.

Is it a Cheater?

Before reporting, make sure that the player you’re reporting are in fact cheaters and not a pro-players who are just very good at the game. This will also helps the support team from being flooded with false report.

How to know they’re cheating? after being eliminated, spectate their game play and see if they know exactly the location of other player even it covered with wall, building or landscape. Cheaters also shoot other players at a long distance without the use of scope. When you’re sure he’s cheating, you can then report it after the game.

How to Report Cheater/Hacker

To report, go to the lobby, and press F1, or click the button under the rank # and username (top right hand corner of the screen).

Then go to Recent Players tab, you can find here all of the players you’ve been interacted with, including the enemies you encounter.

Click on the name, then select Report Player. There are five types of report (Exploiting, Cheating, Boosting, Offensive Content), select Cheating. You can also choose other options if you have other concern.

That’s it! Hope this small guide will allow you to report cheaters in your gameplay and hope Infinity Ward will get rid of them.

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  • john dennis June 24, 2021 4:03 am

    reporting person for cheating i have video. KASHOUTTJ cheating under floor. I have video of the cheater.


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