How to Fix Stuck on Connecting to Online Service in Call of Duty Warzone

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After the huge update of Infinity Wards for the base game Call of Duty Modern Warfare and its Battle Royale, Warzone, a lot of players got stuck on the loading screen, particulary when it says “Connecting to Online Services”. Even restarting the game and the PC several times won’t fix the problem.

Other user will also get an from the Sign In screen that says “Connection to the Blizzard game server has been lost. Please exit and try again. Error Code: BLZBNTBGS00000001 or BLZBNTBGS0000003F8”.

The reason why is this happening is that your DNS Server that you’re using is not yet fetching the newly assigned server domain for the Call of Duty servers.

How to Fix

To fix that, you need to update your DNS server from your computer.

At Cortana, search for “View Network Connections”.

Right click the Ethernet connection that you’re using then, Properties.

At Networking tabs, find and double click the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

Then at the bottom at the General Tab, check the Use the following DNS server addresses, and input your favorite DNS server.

We have listed some of the popular DNS server below, please pick only one.

GooglePreferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:
CloudflarePreferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:
OpenDNSPreferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Once done, click OK.

Try relaunching the Call of Duty again and see you no longer stuck at the loading screen.

How to Fix on PS4

You can fix this on PS4 by also changing its DNS Server, you can do this by using Custom connection.

You need to go to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.

Then write down the following details; IP Address, Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway. You need this details on the later part.

After that, back and go to Network > Set Up Internet Connection.

Then select your connection type.

From here, you will be asked on how do you want to set up your internet connection, select Custom.

Then on IP Address Settings, make sure to select Manual.

Then here, fill up the details you write down earlier at the View Connection Screen; the IP Address, Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway.

At the Primary and Secondary DNS. Please choose from the table below.

GooglePrimary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
CloudflarePrimary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:
OpenDNSPrimary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

After that, click Next. Then when asked for MTU Settings, just select Automatic.

Then lastly, test your connection by pressing the Test Internet Connection

That’s it! Once done, open up Call of Duty Warzone again.

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