How to Fix DEV Error 6036 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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When you tried to play one of the multiplayer mode in Call of Duty Warfare, you probably get an error message that says “DEV ERROR 6036 [ww_mp_farms2_gw.ff], To contact customer service support, go to”. This is a common error for user who just recently upgraded their COD Warzone and purchase the base game of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Complete the Update

So what happen and why this error is popping up? The update for the new maps for the multiplayer mode in your Call of Duty Warzone is not yet installed in your PC, you need to complete the update for it to work.

To do this, go back to client, then check for update installation to Call of Duty Warzone. If you recently purchase the base game, you need to wait for the installation to complete.

After the update installation is completed, you can now go back to the game and try the Multiplayer mode.

Already installed the Update, still Getting the Error

You might have corrupt installation files in your Call of Duty directory, you need to repair it for it to work.

You can repair the installation file by going to Call of Duty: MW > Options > Scan and Repair.

Disabling Cache Spot and Sun Shadow

Other method is disabling the Cache spot and Sun shadows in the game settings.

To disable it, you just need to open the game. Then go to Options > Graphics > Aforementioned Settings.

Then disable the Cache Spot and Cache Sun Shadows.

If the workaround doesn’t fix the problem, your last resort is to reinstall the game.

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  • Louis August 31, 2020 4:26 pm

    And if that error persist could be that you have bought the base game sooner than warzone than you need to manually download the base game going to your blizzard account there you should able to see the download games. Once you get in the download section you just need to download the base game from there, it will ask you to install you just need to install it over your folder, the settings that you have in wont change after the install the game should started to download the base game. That’s how i fix the error code 6036.


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