Call of Duty: Warzone is Changing its Circle Behaves on the next Update

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Infinity Wards just announce they will make important changes to the gas circle.

A new update is coming to Call of Duty Warzone which will change the gas circle, and improves the way players engage in the final phase of the battle. In a community update post last April 24, the developer announced that the circle update will be up next week.

Currently, the gas circle is extremely fast and dangerous, especially when it gets smaller. The idea of changes is to adjust the speed and size of the circle, likely slowing it to allows players to survive in the gas field.

If you compare the circle with other battle royale games like Fornite and Apex Legends, players outside the circle can survive long and can even heal up and fight against other players. In Warzone, it is impossible to heal up and catch up with the closing circle unless you have a gas mask or a vehicle to escape the gas field. If Infinity Wards will slightly slow the circle’s speed, players will have more chance to heal and fight rather than run early to catch up with the closing circle.

Aside from the speed update, the size of the circle will also be changed. Instead of starting a larger circle, the circle will now start smaller. This will enable them to make the circle close slower without affecting the overall match duration – which is 20 to 30 minutes.

Changing the behavior of the circle will give players more options for strategy particularly in the late match. What do you think of this update? Is it good for everyone? Let us know in the comment section.

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