Black Desert SEA April Fool’s Day Events

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Today, Pearl Abyss announced various event for April Fools for the game Black Desert SEA (PC Game), this is to celebrate this especial month. Adventurer can participate in these new event and get exciting rewards for their character.

There will be three different event that will take place during the April Fool’s Day. Adventurer can take these event until April 8, 2020, one of the event is the Truth or Lie Event and they can choose between Truthful Lie and a Deceitful Truth as their reward after completing the special challenge. They can claim special items if they choose less popular reward of the day. They can also hunt, gather, and fish to get Real or Fake accessories during the same period.

Other event is for Guild master or officer which they can participate in the Three Camos and a GM Event on April 1. During the event, three GMs will put on camouflage outfits and randomly change places. Those who can find the correct GM will receive a rewards.

In April 22, the Permanent Access Event is also available, during this event, new players who join the Black Desert SEA that are using Guest Pass coupon can now get Permanent access to the game. To claim this permanent access, players just have to log in the game for at least 7 days or reach level 50 with a character in their family.

The last event is 30% discount on all Black Desert SEA’s Web packages which they can bought from their official website, until April 22.

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