Eternal Sword M, Win iPhone 11 on Official Launch

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Get ready MMO players! Today is the day! Eternal Sword M, the next generation Sword Art Fantasy MMO, officially launches! To celebrate the launch, they will be having a lucky draw on their Fanpage, you might be the lucky players who will be chosen to get these awesome prices, like the iPhone 11 and the Nintendo Switch console.

To join, you might check out the link below.

Unlocked 5,000,000 Players Milestone

Today, the game gathered more than 5 million per-registration from their official website. Join other players with their time-traveling troop and enjoy the new open world adventure game of Eternal Sword M.

Abundant Real World Gifts

Players who plays during the first week, they will have a chance to participate. Follow their Fan page to test your luck.

  • Special Prize: 1 x iPhone 11
  • First Prize: 2 x Nintendo Switch Console
  • Second Prize: 3 x Monster Beats Headset
  • Third Prize : 10 x $100 Amazon Shopping Card


For the new gamer who didn’t know this game yet, take a peak at this video game play. Blasting Battle Experience + Time-traveling Background Story + 100% Freedom Character Customization = Eternal Sword M!

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