Disorder Mobile SEA Server Available Today, March 20

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NetEase Games has announced today the official launch of Disorder, the team-based competitive shooter game, in selected Southeast Asian regions (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines). Set in the near-future, Disorder is praised for its neat three-dimensional graphics, rich multi-character setting and smooth shooting experience.

Players who have participated in previous tests can now log-in to the game for their exclusive military equipment! Soldiers, team up with friends to join the battlefield for a variety of limited-time rewards and activities.

Season Zero – Rich Rewards

The launch has also marked the start of Season 0. The season pass offers special benefits, such as exclusive skins, rare characters and rechargeable batteries. Also, the players that top the ranking ladder will have a chance to earn exclusive Avatar Frames.

Five opening events of season zero are full of bonus and joy!

Starting from March 20 to April 3, 2020, the hours between 12:00-14:00 and 20:00-22:00 are set as prime time, during which players will get double credit points (game currency) awarded after completing a game.

Starting from March 20 to April 3, 2020, if the total number of soldiers, or the total number of base captures, reaches the required amount, players can unlock the full range of special rewards.

During the event, from March 20 to April 17, 2020, rewards will be given to the players based on their leaderboard rankings for every game mode, every week.

Between 6:00am on March 20 and 5:59am of April 20, 2020, battlefield medals can be collected by completing daily tasks. These medals can be used to unlock special titles, outfit vouchers, character trial cards and other rich rewards.

During the launch period, various limited-time discount bundles will be on sale at the store, and first top-up of any account will get an additional 50% bonus value.

In addition, in order to thank players’ contributions to the optimization of the game, Disorder will give out exclusive title and avatar frame for previous beta testers, as well as other special rewards based on the specific tests one has participated in. Platinum, character trial cards, mysterious experience packs and military supplies are also a plenty. We won’t forget our friends who have helped to test Disorder!

The PC Version on Test Has Proved an Exclusive Gaming Experience

The PC version of Disorder has opened test for anticipated players around the world on Tuesday and it quickly become an online hit. The PC version is not simply a conversion of the mobile version. It has received targeted UI layout optimization, key position adjustment and performance adaptation. The refined graphics and smooth shooting experience have made players’ experiences extremely enjoyable.

The game’s design is targeted at providing an accurate shooting experience. As you could see from the official video that was released earlier, the lens vibrates when firing your weapon. Combined with the shell animation this provides a very realistic shooting experience.

Unlimited Tactical Gameplay

Disorder currently has nearly twenty characters. Between the characters’ respective battlefield roles of Scout, Maneuver, Defense, Stealth and Support, the combinations are endless. Each character has their own unique skills, firearms, and freely customizable talent upgrade trees, which can be readjusted at any time according to the battle situation. Multiple unique gameplay modes provide players with a richer battlefield experience.

Olympian ULF, Base Battle and Multi-Base Battle game modes have already been revealed and there will be more ways to test yourself against others in the future. Players can design a variety of team strategies based on the characteristics of the game mode and the unique weapons and talent upgrade trees available. This offers a unique and exciting experience for each single round as you discover the numerous possibilities of battle variations.

Soldiers, are you ready? Go to App Store, Google Play, or the game’s official website to download the game and start your own competitive experience!

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