Ragnarok Mobile Version SP Sweet Summoner Event Guide

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For the month of February, Ragnarok M Eternal Love finally releases its new update, the Version SP Sweet Summoner. It contains two event and allow players to finish 5 daily mission and a mission board rewards.

Table of Contents

  1. Mysterious Land (Event 1)
  2. Mission Board (Event 2)

To go into detail, here are the information of the event.

Event 1: Mysterious Land

Starting February 20 to 27, 2020, at Prontera, there will be a new NPC named Lymloo. You need to talk to this NPC in order for him to tell a story about its origin the Mysterious Land.

It is a 5-day event where you’ll get a rewards every time you finish the daily quest. Each day, it has specific rewards, here are them.

14 x Valkyrie’s Gift
26 x Oracle Dust
4 x Oracle Crystal
33 x Pray Card Pack
2 x Adventurer Coins
42 x Gold Medal
2 x Gift from Mysterious Land
54 x Blessing Giftbox
2 x Gift from Mysterious Land

The Gift from Mysterious Land will open random rare materials from Version SP. It requires Base Level 60 to open this gift box.

The Blessing Giftbox has a chance to get a Pray Card Pack, Gold Medal or Peak Shard.

Event 2: Mission Board Rewards

Starting February 27 to March 5, 2020, players will get a rewards from finishing the daily Mission Board Quest.

Players will receive a Gift from Mysterious Land.

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