6 Rules of Successful CS: Go Player

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The 20 year-old franchise went through some changes but it kept growing strong with more than 20 million active steam accounts, to date. The main secret behind its success is the simplicity, nevertheless, this didn’t stop dedicated fans to develop their ways to get better and become professionals. In this article, we’ll try and explain some of the most important aspects of Counter-Strike gameplay.

Proper equipment

Tools are paramount for success in any craft, especially when it comes to video games, which are the most demanding commercial software nowadays. If your machine is not powerful enough to support a stable gaming and fluent internet connection you’ll have a hard time dealing with your opponents. Although wireless connectivity has improved significantly over the last few years, professional gamers persist in using wired keyboard and mouse to achieve maximum efficiency. Therefore, make sure you have the proper CPU, GPU, and RAM, as well as periphery equipment for the uninterrupted online gaming experience.

Practice makes perfect

Ask any professional CS: GO player what their secret is and they’ll all say it’s hours and hours of dedicated practice. Mastering any skill requires a practical approach and no tutorial could compensate the time you should spend improving your game skills.

However, time is a resource that’s not easy to spare, especially if you have family obligations or college exams, homework, and other assignments that also require your attention. If you wish to make yourself a better player and avoid flunking your studies, an online tutor will write essays for money and save you from a world of troubles. You could consider this as a sort of investment in your future as a professional gamer.

Set and settings

You should try and establish your graphics, audio, and controls setting so you could feel comfortable enough to enjoy the game and be effective. Keep in mind that the implementation of the game setting depends on your hardware configuration and internet connection. This means that if you set the bar too high, you could experience lags or even get banned from a server.

There’s also the question of where you’re choosing to take part in a match. Are you feeling more relaxed in your room or surrounded by other players? Are you OK with music playing in the background or you prefer a dark and quiet atmosphere? It’s all up to you.

Learn from the best

We said that practice is the mother of success, however, you should also work on your theoretical knowledge. Therefore, spend some time on gaming forums and interact with other players to get their experience. Also, you could watch some YouTube videos and “steal” some tricks that established professional use during their games. Combined with your practical experience, this “book knowledge” will give you the edge over the competition.

Team up

As an individual, you can build up your rank up to a certain point, but if you keep on playing random matches, you’ll need more time to get noticed and eventually get into the “big league”. You should start your team with your friends or fellows you met online who share the same passion as you. As a team, you’ll have a better chance for affirmation and, as you and your comrades grow as a unit your personal performance will improve much sooner.

Work on your headshot aim

Opposite to common misconception, headshots are more than just a way to exhibit your supremacy during the game. It also allows you to eliminate the enemy faster, it keeps you mobile and stealthy, and it reduces the chance of getting hit during the exchange of fire.

There are many aim maps in CS: GO that you could enter and practice your aim. Although not too many players join these arenas it’s of utmost importance to practice your hand and perfect your aim. With long distance, short distance, and all sorts of targets at your disposal, as well as a few hours of daily practice you’ll become a more precise shooter really fast. 


Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a worldwide phenomenon that brings together people from different corners of the Earth for years now. Make no mistake, every professional player started as a Noob and made its way to the top over time. Whatever happens in the end, remember that it’s only a game, developed to entertain you so avoid frustration at all costs and enjoy every moment you spend playing CS: GO, as well as any other video game.

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