What are Big Cat Coins Accumulative Rewards in Ragnarok Mobile

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Today’s update for Ragnarok M Eternal Love drops a lot of new features, including new mechanics in its Gacha Feast Vending Machine. The players have finally had some sort of guarantee of getting a similar copy of the monthly costume after spending a certain amount of BCC.

Ragnarok Mobile’ Gacha Feast is known for its low rate of chances of getting the events costumes even spending hundreds of BCC. Unlucky players usually get useless items like the Hair Voucher and Food Voucher.

The new update might somehow change this kind of trend in the game as players will have a guarantee of getting a similar costume of the event after spending 5 x BCC Rolls or 150 BCC. The only difference with the similar costume and the event’s costume is – it has no additional stats and distinguishably different from the premium costume – you’ll get a white color version.

The new update is the Big Cat Coins Accumulative Rewards, wherein the Gacha Feast Vending Machine has now a milestone reward for every roll the player spends in the game.

  • 1 Roll (30 BCC) – 30 Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • 5 Rolls (150 BCC) – Event’s Similar Costume Voucher
  • 30 Rolls (900 BCC) – Event’s Similar Headgear Voucher

Although you’ll not get the exact event’s costume, you still get the good looking costume of the event. But expect a lot of players that will have the same costume as you!

That’s it! Have you tried the new features? Did you spend real money? If you have questions, please leave a comment down below.

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