Warcraft III Reforged Cheat Codes

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The upcoming Warcraft III Reforged is almost close. We are not sure if the cheat codes on the original Warcraft III will still worked on the re-imagined version, but anyway, we will list down the most iconic cheat codes of all time.

During the 2000s getting to know the cheat codes of every game is like a magic spell. Most of your friends didn’t know how you to do that, because they either have no idea about internet or search engine.

To recap everything, below you’ll find all of the cheat codes for Warcraft III.

List of All Cheat Codes

To enable the cheat in Warcraft III Reforged, press the Enter key in the gamplay. Then a console command will pop-up, select the cheat codes below and enter it on the console command and hit Enter to take effect.

You need to change the ??? with the number you want. For example, greedisgood 999 will give you 999 woods and 999 golds.

Cheat CodesDescriptions
greedisgood ???Get a number (???) of Woods and Golds. The default is 500.
iseedeadpeopleReveal the map.
allyourbasearebelongtousWin instantly in a skirmish map.
thereisnospoonUnlimited amount of Mana.
whosyourdaddyOne-hit kill against enemies, and invincible to damage.
strengthandhonorKeep playing the game even losing in the campaign.
keysersoze ???Get a number (???) of Golds.
leafittome ???Get a number (???) of Woods.
iocainepowderFast Death.
pointbreakUnlocked Food limit.
whoisjohngaltMake research faster.
sharpandshinyUnlocked all upgrades.
synergyUnlock all tech tree knowledge.
riseandshineSet the environment in the morning.
lightsoutSet the environment in the evening.
daylightsavings ???Set the time of the day (morning, evening). The default will switch between morning and evening.
itvexesmeDisable the victory condition in any matches.
thedudeabidesFaster cooldown effect.
warptenFaster building time.

That’s it! Hope this guide helps you with doing simple cheat in the game.

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