Street of Manila Recreated into an Overwatch Inspired Map

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Someone just recreated the busy street of Manila to an Overwatch Inspired Map made by a digital artist from the Philippines, Joshua Llorente. Bringing the atmosphere of Filipino Culture, the map shows different cameos of local brands into the virtual world of Overwatch Inspired map.

Quiapo Chuch, Manila Map Overwatch

Made in Unreal Engine 4, The art style of the Manila Map was inspired by an online FPS competitive game Overwatch of Blizzard. It shows the famous Quiapo Church and the LRT’s train, as well as some parody of local brands like BDO as “VDO”, SOGO and the Jollibee as “Jullybee”. Although the game is not playable in Overwatch, the artist provided a playable demo for everyone to try and experience the beauty of Manila in an Overwatch inspired’ virtual world.

Blizzard should make this map happen to their game. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section!

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