Ragnarok Mobile Updates Includes 6v6 Ranked Game S1, New Storyline, and Adventure Skill

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Ragnarok Mobile just announced the scheduled maintenance for both servers of Eternal Love and Midnight Party, due for tomorrow, January 15, at 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The maintenance will update the game client and includes new features like Season 1 of 6v6 ranked competition, new adventure skills, new storyline for Lighthalzen and simplified for most game functions.

During the maintenance, players in both servers are not allowed to enter the game and all players will be rewarded with “ABUNDANT” 🙂 items as compensation rewards.

For the exact patch notes, see it below.

6v6 Ranked Competition Season 1

  • The PVP maps have many in-game mechanics, participants need to defeat the enemy and take resources to get scores.

Simplify Features

  • The weekly event will be simplified
  • The Guild Wars: War of Emperium and War of Crystal will be simplified.
  • Kafra Battle, Poring Battle, and Big Cat UFO Invasion are also simplified.

MVP and Mini Respawn is now a fixed-time

  • The rule of respawning in 2 hours after killing the MVP has been changed. Now the MVP and Mini respawn timer will be fixed at every even number o’clock for MVP and every half o’clock for Mini

New Main Story Line for Lighthalzen

  • After finishing the current “Lighthalzen” main storyline mission, adventurers are now able to take a new set of missions at Lighthalzen Wesley.

New challenge: New Zones of Thanatos Tower

  • Novice and Warrior difficulty Zone 3 – Thanatos’ Will Mentalist
  • Novice and Warrior difficulty Zone 4 – The final zone “Sealed room”, after passing this zone, adventurers will have a chance to receive the amount “Moonlight Nightmare”.

New Revenant MVP and Cards to Craft at King Poring

  • Revenant Detarderous and Revenant Spashire will be added in the game. Players can craft this new card at the King Poring.
  • The Goddess Praying level is now up to level 40
  • New attributes “Poison Damage” and “Poison Damage Reduction” will be added to the game

New Adventurer Skill

“Rapid Riding” – Available after Adventurer D

New Mentor System

  • New feature: mentor rewards box. When students finish an adventure quest, a reward will be saved into the mentor rewards box automatically. The rewards can be claimed with only one click

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