How to Bear Colosseo Event and Get 35 Score in Ragnarok Mobile

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The new dungeon for the Kumamon Event is probably one of the easiest dungeons the game ever had. There are is no need for a strategy to use to get the highest score which is 35, all you need to do is to hit the Zipper Bear as many as you can. This event comes with a new item reward as well, aside from the ranking reward, you’ll also get to redeem the exchange shop that contains blueprint, pets, card and more.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Bear Colosseo
  2. How to Claim the Rewards
  3. Kumamon’s Care Shop
  4. How to Get More Kumamon’s Care

In this guide, we will help you understand the basics.

How to Bear Colosseo

To join the event, simply go to the Prontera and reach the fountain area. You need to talk to the Zipper Bear to join the event.

The rules of the game are simple:

  • Earn 1 point – When hitting a Zipper Bear
  • Deduct 2 points – When hitting a Kumamon

When the start of the game, you only have 2 minutes to complete the task. You need 35 points to get the ultimate rewards, the gameplay mechanics are similar to Whac-o-mole game. Zipper Bear and Kumamon will appear at the center of the map and what you need to do is to hit the Zipper Bear, make sure not to hit Kumamon to avoid points deduction.

After the wave, there is a new set of a wave with random Zipper Bear and Kumamon, hit as many zipper bear as you can until the time runs out.

In our case, we got 39 points in one run. With a deduction of 6 points for hitting a Kumamon.

How to Claim the Rewards

For the first day, you’ll automatically get two rewards.

  • 5 x Royal Celebration Medal
  • 1 x Kumamon’s Appreciation

Getting the reward for the ranking is a little bit tricky, and most players have no idea how to claim it.

To get the title rewards, just go to the 2nd tab, Ranking in Bear Colosseo (Talk to the Zipper Bear NPC).

From here, there are Kumamon’s Icons on each row. Double Click the Kumamon’s Icon to get the rewards. If you completed the 35 scores which are the Kumamon Core Fans, you’ll get all of the four rewards. While; Kumamon Loyal Fan, 3 rewards; Kumamon Fan, 2 rewards; and lastly, Kumamon Normie, 1 reward.

Your rewards will automatically go to your bag. Here are all of the rewards once you’ve completed the task.

3 x Kumamon Normie (Each contains the following):

  • 20 x Kumamon’s Care
  • 10 x Kumamon Token

7 x Kumamon Grateful Gift (Each contains the following):

  • 50 x Kumamon’s Care
  • 10 x Kumamon Token

1 x Kumamon’s Appreciation (Each contains the following):

  • 20 x Kumamon’s Care
  • Received one of the following (1 x Mysterious Box 6.0, 3 x Mithril, 1 x Gold Medal, 1 x Food Voucher, 2 x Lightning Chain, 4 x Mora Coin, 1 x Mastela Seed)
  • Chance to get I, Kumamon Blueprint

Kumamon’s Care Shop

Once you’ve received all of the rewards. Overall, you will get a total of 430 Kumamon’s Care (KC) from the Bear Colosseo Event.

Here are the items you can purchase with those KCs.


Kumamoto Bear Summoning Machine
(Pet Egg)
328 KC1

Kumamon Card
(Headwear Card)

All Attributes +1
Damage to Demi-Humans +2%
Damage Reduction Against Demi-Humans +2%

Deposit Reward: M.Atk +3, MaxHP +30
Unlock Reward: MaxHP + 60
288 KC1

Kumamon Sofa Chair
(Furniture Blueprint)
188 KC1

Expression – Kumamoto Bear Approves
38 KC1

Happy Ramen
(Pet Material)
28 KC10

Kumamon Avatar
18 KC1

Kumamon Token
8 KC30

In total, you need at least 1,380 KC to get claim all of the reward exchange in the shop.

How to Get More Kumamon’s Care

There are more upcoming events for Kumamon where you can get Kumamon’s Care.

Here are the events where you can farm these KC.

DateEventKumamon’s Care Receive
January 1 to 16, 2020Lovely Adventure
Talk to Rift or Kumamon at the Prontera Square to accept the 5-day quest
100 KC
January 2 to 9, 2020Bear Colosseo Event
Talk to Zipper Bear at Prontera Square near the fountain and join the dungeon event.
430 KC
January 6 to 13, 2020Mission Board
Completing the daily mission board will get you 1 x Kumamon’s Appreciation per day.
160 KC
January 13 to 20, 2020Time Rift
Completing the daily time rift will get you Kumamon’s Appreciation
?? KC
January 20 to 27, 2020Guild Donation
Donating to the guild for these days will get you Kumamon’s Appreciation
?? KC
January 23 to 30, 2020Event 4: Kumamon’s Divine
Talk to Zipper Bear at the Prontera Square and accept the Kumamon’s Divine.
??? KC

That’s it! If we missed something, please let us know in the comment section!

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