How to Answer New Year Riddle's Question in Ragnarok Mobile

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When you go to the Year Baby at the Prontera Square to participate the daily event, he will asked you a question about the New Year Riddles. For the first day, the question is “Give you a hint, this year is the year of __.?” and he give some hints about “Cat’s favorite animal, remember Tom and Jerry?”.

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  1. How to Answer Correctly the Question
  2. List of All Daily Questions and Answers

However, there are lots of players have problem answering the question correctly. Many players answer the question at first with the English word Rat and because of this the succeeding answer is no longer valid even entering the correct English word answer Mouse.

So how do you fix it and answer it correctly. See our guide below.

How to Answer Correctly the Question “This Year is the Year of __?”

To answer it correctly, you just need to talk again to the NPC Year Baby. (Talking to the NPC will re-enable the question and answer to the World Chat again)

After talking, go back to the World Chat and immediately enter the correct answer Mouse. (Take note: M should be capitalize).

Once you answered that correctly, you’ll get the reward.

That’s it, to recap everything. The main cause of the problem is most people tend to enter their first answer “Rat” in the world chat and the 2nd or succeeding word you enter in the world chat will no longer valid even entering the correct answer. Players need to talk again to the NPC to enable answering the question again.

For those in PH50, we’ll display a placard infront of the NPC HAHA!

List of All Questions and Answers

The following are the list of questions, hints and answers for each day.

1This Year is the Year of ___?

Hint: Cat’s favorite animal, remember Tom and Jerry?
2Some people say it looks like sugar but is not sweet; some people say it looks like salt, but it is not salty, often seen in the winter, but never in the summer!

Hint: It is common weather in the time of New Year.
3White flour skin, with a meatball inside, you will have to boil them in order to eat them.

Hint: it is a traditional food during Chinese Lunar New Year.
4People always tell me don’t play with fire, but this kind of fire you have to play it once a year.

Hint: No hint, because its too loud.
5The girl you met at the departure of adventure, south of Eden Garden. She was a novice just like you, and then she shose to be a Swordsman.

Hint: It is your first friend in the game.
6Little Square table, playing cards, shuffling and stacking, and we are always playing with friends.

Hint: A gathering of friends often play stuff oh.
7Hammering, Hot furnace, and if you ask who he is, his name is Hollgrehenn! What is his job?

Hint: It is a class in the game.
8What is it called when 365 days have passed?

Hint: It starts with a “Y”
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