All You Need to Know about the New Hero Silvanna, if you want an easy SAVAGE in Mobile Legends

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A new fighter/mage hero has been released on Mobile Legends. As S14 officially ended, the new season started, many of the gamers/players got amazing gifts like pharsa’s new skin and the S14 avatar border.

We know that Silvanna is now very popular on Mobile Legends Gamers and Streamers that is already on advanced servers, which expanded their capabilities of being advanced in Mobile Legends more advanced.

In this new season, the S15 releases a new map theme; the imperial sanctuary which is the high definition by the way. A limited time theme is also released.

Silvanna Description and Tips

An overpowered hero on the early game, that is how we describe Silvanna. Having unique and useful skills made her capability of defeating any hero at a 1 vs 1 match on the early game.

Now, how do you make an easy savage out of this new hero? Farming; is the first way this hero can make an easy savage when this hero is on a level gap for example; Silvanna – level 3, and Badang, Level 1. This way Silvanna can feed herself by killing enemy heroes. Silvanna kills an enemy hero easy when she is closer because this new her is fighting for close combat.

Another way of Silvanna to have an easy savage on late game, is going on a solo lane, it could be on the top lane or bot lane, but we recommend the top more useful but if you already have experience on using a mage or a fighter hero, use rotation.

Her Super Skill, creates an incredible cage which an enemy hero cannot escape on. Silvanna has a very high life steal and attack speed, which makes the hero to be mastered easily. Although this hero is not very useful on late games.

Her Passive Skill the Knightess Resolve, it would leave a mark to an enemy hero. Her First Skill is very useful in the early game, this skill is called a cosmetic lance, that makes enemy hero stun. This skill will help the ally marksman to make the passive more useful. The second skill, which releases a stabbing spear that has 150 Magic Damage.

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