Super Mecha Champions, Opens Korean Server and an All New Winter-Themed S3 Seasion

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Since it’s official release for iOS and Android, NetEase Games’ mobile action shooter, Super Mecha Champions, has been played and loved by hundreds and thousands of players around the world. It is recently chosen as the Best Innovative by Best of Google Play 2019 in Thailand and Indonesia. The exciting S2 season — Nightfalls is now coming to an end, the sun will shine again in Alpha City. As winter storms in, the winter-themed S3 season — Frozen Raid will be opened, Pilots can use snow and ice as their weapon to fight for the throne. The game is also availble in Korean iOS and Android as of today.

In the past 3 months, S2 season — Nightfalls, has been a great success. Dark nights appear randomly and Mecha Pilots had to fight strategically to achieve the top of the chart. As night fades away, a new season make its way into Alpha City.     

New Features of this new season update includes:

– The S3 season — Frozen Raid will be opened up for a new round of mecha madness. The ranking from S2 will be cleared and Pilots gets another opportunity to fight for the title of Super Mecha Champion.

– The brand new Winter Mode comes in just the right time for a white winter. The Alpha City will be covered entirely in snow, the snow and ice will become a powerful weapon for Mecha Pilots.

– In this update, New Props for battle royale mode will be introduced. In teammatch, players are now able to call for a second mecha when in a non-driving state.

– New skins are released for Ning and Mecha Arthur. The S-class winter look for Ning is cute and girly. On the other hand, Mecha Arther’s new theme-metched makeover will be availble for the S3 season card reward.

Super Mecha Champions will keep bring in different and enjoyable gaming experiences to players. Let’s do snowball fight in the world of Super Mecha.

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