Someone just Made a Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Remastered Trailer

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Have you ever thought of a remastered version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? If Rockstar decided to remaster their 15-year-old open-world game, one of the fans’ anticipated dreams will surely be answered, as the game of their childhood will be getting a revamp. In this era of gaming where the graphic is important, old games are hardly playable.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was first released back in 2004. An action-adventure and open-world game developed by Rockstar Games. It is the third title of the franchise after the success of the Vice City, with over 21.5 million unit sales worldwide and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ranked as the 3rd best selling game of all time way back in 2010.

Youtube channel “Welcome to the ’80s” just created a fan-made game trailer of the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – The Definitive Edition (Remastered) and it’s looking great. Watch the video below.

Well, the trailer is just a fan-made and it is not real yet :(. But if this trailer gets the Rockstar’s attention, who knows, they may consider making a remastered yea?

What do you think? Will you play the Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas Remastered? or just the upcoming titles of Grand Theft Auto franchise?

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