Realpage Esports of the Philippines Wins the PVP Esports Regional Corporate League ‘MLBB&’ 2019 in Singapore

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Realpage Esports of the Philippines has won the PVP Esports Regional Corporate League 2019 Grand Finals for the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang held in Singapore Comic Con 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore.

Singapore Comic Con 2019 is an annual weekend event that celebrates western and Asian pop culture featuring comics, manga, movies, toys, cosplay, and gaming. It also features the PVP Esports Regional Corporate League where two grand finals for the game Dota 2 and Mobile Legends take place.

On the first day of Singapore Comic Con 2019, the first match at the PVP Esports arena was between the team Realpage Esports of the Philippines, and the team Savier of Indonesia for the mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The Philippine team Realpage Esports dominates the match, ending the best of 3 with two winning streaks. Becoming the champion for the grand finals in the PVP Esports Corporate League Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Realpage Esports is composed of; its team captain, Jonathan Grabol “Sincross”, Sareno James Cea “Yui”, Kent Ervan John Unigo “Ranveigh”, Jarenz Peralta “Zenrats” and Jeffrey Molino “Jeffongkzzz”. They won a total prize pool of 12,000 SGD (448,000 PHP). The prize will be split into two; 2,000 SGD for the team and 10,000 SGD for the charity of their choice.

Realpage Esports Philippine Team.

During the interview of Singtel, Realpage Esports’ captain Jonathan Grabol said, “The whole PVP Corporate League experience has been a great one, and it’s even more amazing that we won the trophy – it’s a real treasure! Our competitors were a tough team to beat and at some point, we didn’t think we would make it. We’re very lucky to have had the support from our company from the start of the tournament and are excited to share our win.”

Jonathan Grabol of RealPage Esports Team.

In another match of the PVP Corporate League Grand Finals for the PC game Dota 2, the team from Thailand Teletubies won the grand finals taking down the team from Malaysia, GTR Esports. Team Teletubbies takes home a total price of 13,000 SGD (485,000 PHP), 3,000 SGD for the team and 10,000 SGD for the charity of their choice.

The two matches for the PVP Corporate League Champions collectively took a total prize pool of 25,000 SGD (933,000 PHP), where 80% of is going to the charity of choice of the winning teams.

Mr. Arthur Lang, CEO of Singtel’s International Group said, “Congratulations to the winners! What an exciting run it has been in the lead up to the PVP Corporate and Campus League finals. This PVP Esports @ Comic Con weekend has been an outstanding success and I sensed the energy and passion of the gaming community as we not only had the leagues but also creators and casters from the gaming ecosystem across Asia. PVP Esports is now truly a regional brand name. We will continue to grow the ecosystem in Asia by working with our regional associates to support gamers and promote responsible and healthy gaming. A big thank you to the teams, fans and partners for being part of our journey.”

PVP Esports was the official esports presenter at this year’s Singapore Comic Con 2019 that held from December 7 to 8 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore. PVP Esports also features Philippine celebrities like Alodia Gosiengfiao, Biancake, and Riku PH as well as eSports personalities like Topson of OG, and international content creators like Viva La Dirt League and more.

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