Onmyoji Arena, Heian Festival Event for its 2nd Year Celebration

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Onmyoji Arena, the Japanese anime-style MOBA that features 5v5 real-time battles is kicking off its second anniversary with a bunch of celebratory events. The Festival not only features a new Shikigami, but also a grand popularity contest featuring 66 of the game’s Shikigami. Each Shikigami in Onmyoji Arena has a rich lore and unique personality, players surely have a fan favorite that they wish to support.

Players can look forward to the following events during the 2nd Heian Festival:

  • Joining the family of 70 Shikigami is Ittan-momen. Ittan-momen is a Ninja Shikigami who uses
    her long, waving cloth as a weapon to swiftly strike her target. She is not only able to precisely get to
    her targets, but can also move freely along the map thanks to her movement skills. Moreover, when
    she catches her target off guard and attacks them from behind, she can ignore their Magic Resist.
    This adds an additional layer of tactics to her playstyle.

See Ittan-momen in action:

2019 Onmyoji Arena Support Tournament

  • The Shikigami Support Tournament of 66 Shikigami poll will last a month. Players can vote for
    their favorite Shikigami and the most popular Shikigami will get a special skin design to
    commemorate their victory.

All shikigami will be free to use for a limited time

30% off New Year limited skins for three weeks

  • Multiple In-Game Bonuses will available for all players:
  • All Shikigami will be free to use during the festival, players can try to battle with different

Shikigami each match.

  • The Daruma Blessing event will feature many skins of varying rarities. Collect Daruma
    Coins to exchange for limited collectable skins.
  • Enjoy a Rebate for every account top-up and receive special in-game gift packs when total
    top-up reaches certain amounts.
  • Log in to get a New Year’s Day gift pack that contains one random epic-level skin.
  • The Heian Festival Album of Memories collection event will also be available. Collect
    memory pieces to complete the puzzle for great rewards, including the profile frame, golden
    Daruma, in-game pets and random shikigami.

Onmyoji Arena is based on one of NetEase Games’ most successful series – Onmyoji. Onmyoji
Arena takes the traditional Japanese storylines of Onmyoji and offers an all-new gaming experience.

Onmyoji Arena will start a wonderful 3rd year thanks to the love and support from its loyal players around the world.

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