First Voltes V Legacy Trailer Released in the Philippines, Coming this Year on GMA 7

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One of the prominent television in the Philippines, GMA 7 just released the first video trailer of the Voltes V Legacy on their Facebook page. Licensed by TOEI Co. Ltd and published by Philippine-licensor Telesuccess Production, Inc., the brand new TV series of the 1970’s Japanese anime television will be coming out this year in the Philippines.

We don’t have the whole information yet of the Voltes V Legacy, but based on the video trailer, it is a 3D remake with some sort of a remix of a live-action based on the character appearance in the video. The language used is also in Tagalog (Filipino Language) and one of the voices heard in the video sounds like Dingdong Dantes.

If indeed filmed in the Philippines, then this will the first time for the local TV industry to get an adaptation of live-action anime TV series.

If you haven’t watched yet the video trailer, here it is:

That’s it! What’re your thoughts on this video? Let us know in the comment section! Happy new year everyone!

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