What’s new in Chess Rush Season 2 Patch Update

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After the success of Season 1 in Chess Rush, Tencent has finally released the Season 2 update for everyone and it involves improvements and balancing the heroes in the game. And a new playable character and reskinned heroes is available on this update.

Let’s take a look at the brand new content and what to expect when players jump into this all-new update.

Table of Contents

  1. All New Point/Tier System
  2. New Characters and Gachapon Machine
  3. Lottery Rewards Updates
  4. Bot Mode
  5. Hero Adjustment and Visual Improvements
  6. Adjustment Several Combos
  7. Improved Squad Clash and Auto Reinforcement
  8. Head to Head Mechanism Adjustment
  9. Casual Mode Reward Chest
  10. Conclusion

All New Point/Tier System

The three available modes; Classic, Turbo, and Squad Clash modes will be categorized as Ranked Modes and will be sharing the same tier on Seasons ranking stats. The points required for different tier will be adjusted.

Players who earned points during Season 1 will be partially transferred to Season 2 in order to recognize the tier they achieve on the previous season and provides a head starts on the new Season 2.

New Characters and Gachapon Machine

Aside from the original cute Doge “Wizard Akita character“, players can now choose from a variety of characters available in the new update. Allowing players to show off their newly acquired rare character on the board.

Same as leveling heroes in the game where it has a 3-stars, the new characters will also have a new level system. Each of these levels applies different effects and armory.

For example, the new character Mechastein has 3 new effects for its equivalent stars. The higher the star, the more attractive the character you’ll get.

However, you cannot level up these characters from earning experience but you can only earn a new level from the Gashapon Machine, where you’ll have a chance to draw a higher level character and also depends on the grade level.

In Gashapon Machine, also introduces a new character grade level that distinguishes the rarity of a character you obtained.

  • S – Super Rare at 5% probabilities
  • A – Rare at 20% probabilities
  • B – Normal at 75% probabilities

Each Gashapon Machine contains 54 capsules. What’s good with the Gashapon Machine is you’re guaranteed to get a permanent character.

To earn a level of the character, all you need to do is to obtain duplicate copies of it.

  • Level 1 – First Time Obtained
  • Level 2 – Second Time Obtained
  • Level 3 – Third time Obtained

Sad thing is, you are only allowed to open up to 54 capsules and once you get a level 3 characters. The Gachapon Machine will not be available again.

Here is the list of new characters in the Machine Gashapon:

S CharactersA CharactersB Characters


Desert Bee


Dark Warrior

Yellow Feather

Baseball Cat

Cresent Angel

Scarlet Witch

Mint Blue

Noble Heart


Blue Feather

Street Singer

Torment Witch

Strawberry Red


Crispy ‘n Spicy

Lemon Yellow

Lottery Rewards Updates

New items are added on the Lottery Rewards, and it has a Luck progress bar that players will able to increase its luck while drawing more in the Lottery.

Drawing in the lottery only requires Gold and it cost around 20,000 Gold per draw.

Bot Mode

In Basic Mode, there is a new mode where you can play with AI. This is the best way to improve your skills in the game and try out different strategies and complete most of the quests in the game.

The Bot mode has an unlimited preparation time where there is no count down in between rounds. This gives ability the players to start a battle whenever they want and gives more time to have a perfect strategy for the next match.

This new mode also a good training ground on checking out AI enemies with overpowered lineups and use it as references for getting unique strategies.

Hero Adjustment and Visual Improvements

The Unicorn Cavalier is reskinned, and it is now named as a Wolf Cavalier.

There are also heroes that have been nerfed and buffed to give balance to overpowered and underpowered heroes in Chess Rush.

For the heroes Stringer, the critical damage and critical strike of the heroes are now stackable. Players can now use equipment to stack up against their heroes’ final critical damage. Heroes with default critical strike abilities have been adjusted accordingly.

Ultimate weapon’s abilities were also adjusted. Charging is now required to cast the ultimate weapons for 3 seconds. If charging is interrupted, it will explode immediately, and deals half of the total damage.

The following are the new changes:

Sword Dancer(Assassin)Min Attack Damage:270/540/1080
Max Attack Damage: 330/660/1320
Max HP: 2250/4500/9000
Min Attack Damage:300/600/1200
Max Attack Damage:400/800/1600
Max HP: 2800/5600/11200
HeadreaperRarity: Rare
Cost: 3 Mana
Attack Speed: 141
Min Attack Damage:200/400/800
Max Attack Damage:250/500/1000
Max HP:1800/3600/7200
Ability:HP required to trigger bonus damage: 30%/30%/30%
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 4 Mana
Attack Speed: 170
Min Attack Damage:240/480/960
Max Attack Damage:300/600/1200
Max HP:2200/4400/8800
Ability:HP required to trigger bonus damage: 30%/40%/50%
StingerCreeping Revelation:15% chance to land a critical strike, dealing 350%/475%/600% physical damage.Creeping Revelation:30% chance to land a critical strike, dealing 200%/275%/350% physical damage.

Adjustment Several Combos

The combos for the following classes are adjusted.

Hunter Combos:

  • 3 hunters: Ally hunters have a 20% chance to increase attack speed by 100% for 3 seconds
  • 6 hunters: Ally hunters have a 60% chance to increase attack speed by 100% for 3 seconds.

Sorcerer Combos:

  • 3 sorcerers: Increase ability damage by 40% for ally sorcerers.
  • 6 sorcerers: Increase ability damage by 100% for ally sorcerers.

Improved Squad Clash and Auto Reinforcement

In the new update, the squad clash is also improved. It enhances the visual effects and added more details and tips that can be seen on the screen.

It also removes the waiting time. Players who finish the round last doesn’t need to wait for the match result on other boards.

And finally! The auto reinforcements, an answer to all squadmates who don’t care to send reinforcement to their teammates. The system will now automatically select the hero with the highest attack damage and HP to reinforce your allies.

Demon combos are also fixed in Squad Clash. Before, when your squadmates send a demon to your lineup, the Demon combo in your lineup will be mixed up and resulting in the removal of the combo. Now, demon combo’s from the reinforcement will not affect or overwritten their allies demon combos.

Head to Head Mechanism Adjustments

Tencent devs are listening to the players’ feedback and now, they finally fixed the much-awaited fixed regarding the faster game pace from players since the last update in September. The problem is when the recently added head to head mechanism may have added more random factors to the game, making it harder for losing players to have a comeback. Therefore, the devs finally remove the head to head mechanism from the Classic Mode and Turbo mode.

Players can still play the Head to Head match in Treasure Raiders.

Casual Mode Reward Chest

The last update is a chest reward! Completing the recommended game mode marked with a star every day will allow players to earn chest rewards. Completing it 5 more times will also earn additional rewards. Rewards are randomly given up to 100,000 Gold.


So that’s it! There are lots of new updates on Season 2. Not mentioning the Halloween event that will happen in the coming days. As always, Tencent has been listening to all player’s feedback to make the game better. This new update focuses more on game balance and eliminates the RNG of the game, making it more competitive for both winning and losing players. The visual enhancement is making Chess Rush more appealing to all auto-battler players.

What do you think of the new Season 2 patch? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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