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Rules of Survival (ROS), a battle royale game published by NetEase Games, is launching Hero Mode in its latest “ROSversary” update. This newly opened game mode will offer MOBA-like gameplay with various heroes to choose from. Survivors who have played ROS in the past two years will be able to try out an all-new gaming experience and to fight for victory.

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The MOBA-like gameplay is introduced to ROS for the first time in Hero Mode. It brings in 10 different heroes with unique skill sets. By landing on Ghillie Island, Survivors will have to utilize skills as a team and carefully plan out strategies to claim the triumph.

Different types of heroes provide a wide range of choices for players with different preferences.

HeroesType, ProfileSkills

Type: Attack

The handler of Comet Homing Cannon
Drone Cannon – When Cometias fires, the Drone Cannon will fire missiles at the enemy.

Comet Warp – Cometias summons the Comet Cannon that fires missiles to deal massive area damage

Spectre Blade
Type: Attack

A deadly katana-wielding warrior
Spectre Blade – Raid – Spectre Blade unleashes a powerful Triple Slash with the type B Katanas to deal massive damage.

Spectre Blade – Overcast – Spectre Blade throws her knife and gains the ability to teleport it. Once she catches the knife, she will enter a melee state.

Agent Ghost
Type: Gank

A secret agent skilled in various combat techniques
Secret Agent’s Way – Agent Ghost brings out the best in the secret agent by greatly increasing the weapon switching/reloading/vaulting speed and movement speed.

Ghost Identity – Agent Ghost moves like a spirit and has the ability to Persp, greatly increasing movement speed while restoring HP.

Type: Survive

An indomitable veteran
Traveller’s Backpack – Sharpshot equips a mysterious backpack with unlimited capacity. When taking a hit, the backpack will absorb 50% damage.

Armageddon – Sharpshot is equipped with a powerful M134 Armageddon with unlimited mag size, which will greatly increase his damage.

Type: Survive

An explorer who travels around the world
Heart of Ranger – Whenever Huntress gets a Secret Treasure, she will gain a certain amount of HP and out-of-battle HP recovery.

Bingol – Huntress randomly generates 3 secret Treasures and selects one of them.

Type: Survive

A monster formed from a bug a battle simulation system
Dash – Chimera unleashes its potential and greatly increases its movement speed.

Persp – Chimera is able to locate its enemies with Persp.

For those who love gun battles, Sharpshot’s powerful M134 Armageddon will be a good choice, Cosmetics’ Drone Canon and Comet Canon will surely come in handy for a large-scale attack. Spectre Blade’s Type.B Katanas allows players to slash in a close range. Commander and H4CK3R 0 are the best choices for supportive heroes with the ability to call for airdrops or able to alert the team to danger. There are more for players to find out.

As the ROSversary goes on, the Hero Mode will be available after the update on Nov. 20. During this celebration, other new gaming content such as the 20v20 Score Royale will also be available. Players will be able to enjoy loads of bonuses including login Diamond rewards, Diamond Airdrops, Luck Chips for limited edition supplies, 40% bonus on first top-ups and more!

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