Ragnarok M Cosplay Showdown, Get Rewards by Voting Entries

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Calling all Cosplayers! Ragnarok M Eternal Love is having a special showdown contest for all cosplayers in the region. All you have to do is to make a cosplay costume out of any game characters or monsters in the Ragnarok M Eternal Love game; Upload it on their showdown website, let people vote for your entry, whoever gets into to the top 10 receives an exciting reward. Voters will also get rewards when completing the 10 votes.

The Ragnarok M Cosplay Showdown is an online cosplay competition where cosplayers can send a photo of their creativity out of Ragnarok M Eternal Game as their entry.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Join as Cosplayer
  2. How to Vote and Get Rewards
  3. Cosplay Prizes
  4. Entries

The Voting time of the event will start on November 18 and will end on December 20, 2019.

How to Join as Cosplayer

To join, you need to submit your work on the official page. Click the Submit a Work and fill up the required form.

Enter the Character ID found on the game, the server you’re playing and your name as the author and the title of your cosplay content. Then select the photo of your cosplay and upload it then submit.

In your social media account or page, you can share your cosplay entries using the hashtag #RagnarokMCosplay.

Evaluation of entry will take 2 working days. Your entry should be original and must be family-friendly. They also require participants to upload a proof of entry, by uploading a photo with the costume holding a cellphone, tablet or computer with that shows the character ID of your Ragnarok profile. We have no information, how the participants can submit this proof as there is only 1 single upload field in the form.

How to Vote and Get Rewards

To vote for the cosplay competition, you need a Facebook account to vote for entries. Each Facebook account can vote up to 10 entries.

To vote, you just need to go to the Work Selection page and select the entries you want.

After voting 10 entries, each Facebook account can get these in-game rewards via gift code:

  • 30 x Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • 200 x Eden Coins
  • 20 x Colorful Shell

Voters can redeem their gift code at ragnaroketernallove.com/jana/.

Once you’ve redeemed the code, check your in-game mail to get the gifts.

Cosplay Prizes

A cosplayer who will win in the competition will bring home the following items.

  • 1st Prize – Poring Suitcase
  • 2nd Prize – Ragnarok M Music Box
  • 3rd Prize – Ragnarok M Music Box
  • 4th Prize – Poring Sofa
  • 5th Prize – Poring Sofa
  • 6th Prize – Poring Sofa
  • 7th Prize – Black Cat Lemegeton Backpack
  • 8th Prize – Black Cat Lemegeton Backpack
  • 9th Prize – Black Cat Lemegeton Backpack
  • 10th Prize – Black Cat Lemegeton Backpack

Consolation prizes to all participants who join the competition will also receive in-game rewards:

  • 60 x Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • 6 x Freyn Coin
  • 60 x Big Cat Voucher I


As of now, the following are the list of top 10 Cosplayers who participated in the event. List updated daily.

EntriesVotes Count
Assistant Kemillia at your service! by Akire 38126
Curse you Humans! Zertish Miniboss #RagnarokMCosplay by Juju37361
Lord Knight And HighPriest #RagnarokMCosplay by Lichenzhou33551
High Wizard and his beloved Isis pet by Jerome G Gabionza33210
แอสซาซินเองจ้า by ทรัสต์ รักษ์คุณธรรม 32972
Arc Bishop #RagnarokMCosplay by Yoms30950
My Assassin Cross Cosplay #RagnarokMCosplay by Yom27147
น้อง​Loli​ Ruri by กาญ(Kotoro)​ 26438
Malaysian Flute Player #RagnarokMCosplay by Azry Razy25179
Royalty by WawanYuu 24645

For the images, you may visit www.ragnaroketernallove.com/cosplay/works

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