NetEase LifeAfter New Mega Map, Levin City with New Infected and Mode for a Doomsday Experience

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LifeAfter, the popular doomsday survival mobile game released a major update today, on November 7, 2019. The new map, named ‘Levin City’, extended the storyline in which humanity once again finds itself in new danger when the deadly virus evolved.

All the evidence lead to Levin City, the death town that once brought human hope and also left them in despair. Survivors will join a team to the virus abyss and unveil the secrets hidden in Levin City.

Metropolis became a Dead town. Danger lurks in Levin City.

The familiar streets are now covered with marks of the virus. Survivors will explore deep into areas like the abandoned power plant, the eerie central park, and the horrid hospital, to discover evidence of the virus outbreak.

On the way to the power plant, a car alarm suddenly goes off and attracts nearby Infected. They are coming to survivors from every direction. And near the cooling tower of the power plant, Infected Vultures and more powerful Infected await survivors.

Crows hover over the Levin City central park, making creepy calls every now and then. Sounds of chainsaw can be heard from the park’s botanical garden, and trees and vines are making noise while entwining with each other. Make it to the barely functioning cable car and go for the observatory on the top of the hill, but the empty observatory is filled with sounds of heavy footsteps. What on earth is lurking in the dark…

Leads from the vanguard all point to the city hospital. Distress calls are constantly made from the hospital. It’s rumpled wards and dilapidated consultation rooms are all signs of a deadly crisis. Nurses and doctors, once angels in white, are now virulent Infected that terrify survivors. Even those in wheelchairs are now equally formidable foes. But the most frightening being is that huge monster holding a chain with fan blades tied to the end and having a blue crystal core in the chest. Those roaring fan blades can push any survivor into despair.

As the investigation continues, there will be more uncharted territories for survivors to explore. Can YOU, survive the unprecedented urban survival challenges?

The virus is evolving and the Infected are stronger than ever!

The unknown is perhaps the biggest challenge facing survivors. Served as an isolated virus hotbed, Levin City seems to have bred a variety of mutant Infecteds that we’ve never encountered before.

Traffic Light BOSS

The colossal creature strolls near the empty crossroads and ruins. It wields a big traffic light as a weapon and could knock survivors into the air and do some serious damage to them.

Power Plant Boss

A mad and strong Infected in a ragged orange jumpsuit and a sack hood. It seems that it was a convict that broke out of Levin City prison and came to the nearby power plant after being infected. It moves slowly but it is still extremely powerful, and it wields a big iron hammer.

Chainsaw Gardener

The thin and stooping creature roams the garden maze of the central park. The chainsaw in its hands is making thumping sounds. It actively searches for survivors to kill. It’s agile and good at jumping. Survivors may have their hands full when facing the Chainsaw Gardener with crows attacking from above every now and then.

Alien Infected

The Alien Infected is spotted in the empty observatory. It has an alien-like form with a large needle tail and can’t speak. It relies on two sets of meaty fans on the sides of its head to sense the environment. The fans can flap rapidly and create a sound-wave signal to summon nearby Infected.

Hospital Infected

The head of Hospital Infected is taken from a doctor at the hospital by an offspring of a host. The strong monster has an ugly, twisted face. It drags the floor with a broken ceiling fan and chain. Its weakness seems to be the shining blue crystal core in its chest.

In addition, nurses with shards of glass in hand are roaming around the hospital, waiting to “treat” survivors. And don’t the startle Infected in wheelchairs, he will swoop down on you.

The New Game mode is about to Launch: Human Infecteds await

In the new and unique environment of Levin City, humans may become infected by the evolved virus. Under the influence of the new virus, survivors will be able to retain their human consciousness and manipulate the infected body and have new mutant abilities such as roaring, pounding, invisibility, and poisoning.

The infected body has a strong desire for an infected tumor, which allows the virus in the survivors to continue to evolve into even stronger, differently shaped Infected. And this, of course, will push the infected survivor further away from the human community. When the enemies’ survivors face are no longer unconsciously Infected, but human companions that they used to be with every day. What would you choose to do?

We’ve been wandering in the wilderness for too long. It’s time to go back to the city and fight to the death! On November 7th, come back, to the city of last hope!

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