MU ORIGIN 2 ESGS Event Ended Successfully

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With the end of ESGS on October 27th, the debut of MU ORIGIN 2 in Manila also ended. During the 3-day booth event, MU ORIGIN 2 distributed a variety of games merchandise with the value of around millions of pesos to reward the new and old players.

Apart from the highlights of the To C show, MU ORIGIN 2 took the opportunity to prepare a Halloween-themed VIP Gathering Party, targeting around 20 players who are highly engaged and aiming to create face-to-face interacts and sincerely rebate to those players.

At the event, Zegang Lee, Operation Director of MU ORIGIN 2, briefly introduced the history of MU2 and the content of subsequent versions and provided the answer on the issues that the players care about. In addition, the organizers also specially prepared a variety of fun games and live competitions, pushing the atmosphere of the event to the climax.

MU ORIGIN 2 staff members had dinner with the players in a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.

The following are the content of the follow-up version announced by the organizer on the spot:

  1. Ladder Tournament, 3V3 Match
  2. Cross-Server Abyss Song of Ice and Fire, Abyss Lost City
  3. Element system, Magic Array System, Artifact, Sacred Soul and etc
  4. Awaken System: Wings, Accessory, Sacred Shield
  5. Recycle & Reset Feature: Elemental Guardian, Accessory, Spirit
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