MapleStory M X Re: ZERO Event is Now Available!

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Nexon America today announced a first-ever crossover event available on mobile MMORPG sensation MapleStory M. Based on the popular manga series published since 2014, Re:ZERO series regulars Subaru Natsuki, Emilia, Rem & Ram, and Felt will join MapleStory for a special crossover event where players will be able to earn a range of MapleStory M X Re: ZERO themed rewards by completing events, collecting medals and visiting the special event Cash Shop.

Through December 2, MapleStory M players will have 14 days to complete the Re: ZERO 7-Days Attendance Event that will net them a bundle of rewards, including Puck of Gift Boxes, Puck’s Hat, Re: ZERO Death Buff and Drifters of the Other World. Additionally, players can receive a special Re: ZERO title badge, buffs, auto-battle tickets and more by collecting Emilia’s Insignia during the event period.

During the crossover, Maplers can also visit the Cash Shop for a chance to pick up unique: ZERO themed items, including chairs, costumes, emojis, and hats. These exclusive items are only available for a limited time during the event period.

To learn more about the MapleStory M Re: ZERO crossover event, visit the Google Play or App Store page and follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for the latest updates.

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