List of All Real Life Characters in Death Stranding

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Death Stranding is the newest game that arrives in the Playstation console. It is a masterpiece of Hideo Kojima after departing from Konami and its Metal Gear Solid creation, one of the best fluid cutscenes you’ll ever find in a game. Played by the protagonist of the game Norman Reedus as Sam Porter, the game makes even more realistic.

Death Stranding Characters

  1. Norman Reedus (Sam Porter Bridges)
  2. Lea Seydoux (Fragile)
  3. Guillermo Del Toro (Deadman)
  4. Lindsay Wagner (Bridget Bridges)
  5. Tommie Earl Jenkins (Die Hardman)
  6. Lindsay Wagner (Amelia Bridges)
  7. Margaret Qualley (Mama)
  8. Nicolas Winding Refn (Heartman)
  9. Troy Baker (Higgs)
  10. Mads Mikkelsen (Combat Veteran Cliff)

Note, before going down the list, there is some spoiler in the content. Make sure you already finish the game before checking this out. We sort the list based on the order of appearance.

In this article, we will discuss who is behind the faces and voices of all characters in Death Stranding in real life.

Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges

Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges

The main character of the game, Sam Porter or Sam Strand is the protagonist of the game who will try to build again the country with the help of the Bridges community. He is also the son of the President of America Bridget.

Lea Seydoux as Fragile

Lea Seydoux as Fragile in Death Stranding

In the early scene, Sam Porter cross-path with Fragile when Sam crashes in the mountainous side of the Knot City. She also helps Sam how to hide against BTs when they get trapped inside the cave.

Guillermo Del Toro as Deadman

Guillermo Del Toro as Deadman in Death Stranding

Formerly a Coroner or government official before the fallout. He becomes a doctor of the Bridges, Capital Knot City. He is also the one who helps Sam Porter after the crater explosion when he helps the corpse disposal unit dispose of a dead body and get caught by the BTs.

Lindsay Wagner as Bridget Bridges

Lindsay Wagner as Bridget Bridges in Death Stranding

President of the United States of America and Mother of Sam Porter. She is in a critical condition and in the final stages of cancer, she wants to meet Sam again and to say something about her plan for the country and to his son.

Tommie Earl Jenkins as Die-Hardman

Tommie Earl Jenkins as Die Hardman in Death Stranding

The current commander of Bridges Capital Knot City, one of the key people who convinces Sam to rejoin on rebuilding the country and connecting back the cities with the Chiral Network.

Lindsay Wagner as Amelie Bridges

Lindsay Wagner as Amelia Bridges in Death Stranding

In the image, it is the teen days of Lindsay Wagner. In the game, she is the Sister of Sam Porter and the next president of the United States of America. She took three years crossing the region of America to connect community and rebuild the country. She will convince Sam to find her and continue building the nation.

Margaret Qualley as Mama

This young programmer, engineer, and tech lady is the one who will help Sam to any tech-related problems and solve finding the original programmer of the software to work with the new hardware of the Q-pid. She also owns an invisible like Bridge Baby (BB) that is similar to BTs, which is somehow her daughter. Which why she is called as Mama.

Nicolas Winding Refn as Heartman

One of the research team in the Bridges. He has unique abilities that his hearts will stop every 21 minutes and dies temporarily. He then can visit the other side to check his family and can be resurrected anytime using a defibrillator.

Troy Baker as Higgs

The Man in the Golden Mask, you first encounter this guy when Sam helps the corpse disposal unit team and this guy appears from nowhere. He is also the leader of the militant separatist group as the Homo Demens.

Mads Mikkelsen as Combat Veteran Cliff

Mads Mikkelsen as Combat Veteran Cliff

A Combat Veteran, he is one of the antagonists in Death Stranding. He is the guy in the memories who keeps appearing when Sam connected to its Bridge Baby (BB).

That’s all guys! Hope you enjoy this content. If you have tips or suggestion that is not in the list, let us know in the comment section.

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