How to Win Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2

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The PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 finally arrives in Rockstar Launcher. An open-world game that sets in 1900 in North America, the story begins with Arthur Morgan. Where he lives in a new world of manufacturing industry, where towns and regions are starting to grow with railway trains, industrial buildings, and shops. Because of this Arthur and his folks has a hard time blending in the community and sort to legal and illegal doing to earn money.

Red Dead Redemption has lots of mini-games that player can participate, and one of those mini-games are the Poker where Arthur will able to play with the folks in the region and allow him to earn money by playing it.

In this guide, we will help you earn more money in-game by playing poker in Red Dead Redemption 2.

How to Play Poker – Texas Hold ‘Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is another variant of Poker, and it is the type of game you’ll be playing in Red Dead Redemption 2. Every round, your objective is to win by either having the best card in hands or convincing the opponents to fold.

In the first round, you’ll get two cards as a hold card.

In Red Redemption, the dealer sometimes also a player in the game especially when playing in houses or bars. But when in the casinos, there are dedicated dealers for it.

The dealer will distribute the cards on each player and put 3 cards known as the flop, which will give a player an idea if he will keep betting or sit out until the next round.

During the initial bet, players can do small blind or big blind which will make as an initial pot that players begin with.

The moves of bet are in clockwise order. Each of the bet should be greater or equal than the previous bet. Bet must always go up or else you can fold if you don’t feel winning the round.

There are three possible actions that you can do in every round.

  1. Fold – You can fold if you feel you’re losing and don’t want to bet any more money to continue the bet round. If during the bet round, all of the next opponents fold, the game will finish and reveals which has the winning cards. But if there are still remaining players during the bet round, you will be out and all of the money you bet will be lost.
  2. Bet – As long as you still have money, you can bet to continue the round until all of the players folds or check.
  3. All in – You can go all in if you have confidence that your hand has the opportunity to win the match. This will place all of your chips on the table. Other players will still continue until the bet round finishes. If you win the match, you’ll only win whatever the portion of the prize you can match.

If the betting rounds finished. Every player will show their cards, it is known as the showdown.

This is where the final winner will be determined based on the score they get based on the combination of the cards or the highest cards.

Scoring the Card

There are 10 lists of Poker hands to rank and score your cards, which composed of combination and sequence of cards. Here is the score ranking.

  • Royal Flush – a five-card combination with any face (Heart, Spades, Diamond, and Club) that has an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.
  • Straight Flush – the same face with the sequence of five cards in order.
  • Four of a Kind – the same number with all faces (Heart, Spades, Diamond, and Club)
  • Full House – any three of the same number or face, plus other two the same number or face.
  • Flush – any five-card of the same face.
  • Straight – five-card in order in any face.
  • Three of a Kind – any three-card of the same number.
  • Two pair – a pair of any two-card of the same number.
  • Pair – any two-card of the same number.
  • No Combination If you have no combination, a card will scored based on the highest card.

Knowing the basic rules and mechanics of the Poker game is the key to win. We hope this simple guide will help you understand how to play Red Redemption 2 poker mini-games and somewhat applies it to the real world.

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