How to Unlock Home and Furniture in Ragnarok Mobile

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Ragnarok M Eternal Love has finally a home system in Episode 6.0 update where players can build or expand their own house, upgrade its furniture and invite their friends over to hang out or show off their creativity. Plenty of things to do in this new update.

Table of Contents

  1. Stuck on Pink Flower and Corey General Dummy NPC
    1. How to Fix Bugs
    2. Using Emulator to Fix
  2. New Home’s Home Quest
  3. How to Get Home
  4. How to Edit Home, Place Furniture
  5. How to Upgrade or Expand Home
  6. How to Increase Home Rating
  7. How to Level Up Home Prestige
  8. How to Get Golden Apples
  9. How to Purchase Furniture
  10. Important Function Furniture

In this guide, we will help you walk-through on how to get and unlock the new Home system in Ragnarok Mobile.

Stuck on Pink Flower and Corey General Dummy NPC

Unfortunately, the quest to activate the home system comes with bugs, which you cannot talk to the Pink Flower NPC intended to give the New Home’s Hope quest. The main reason for this bugs is because the Corey General Dummy is overlapping the Pink Flower NPC and when you tap, it keeps saying “You saw my head?”.

Most players are stuck on this and not able to take the quest. But there are ways to fix it, this is by beating the time needed before the other NPC Corey General Dummy loads in the game.

The requirement to do this is either a quick hand to tap a certain location on the screen or an Emulator’s Keyboard mapping for precision. Why? Because you only have a little as 1 single second to tap the Pink Flower NPC before the annoying Corey General Dummy loads in the game.

How to Fix Bugs

Basically, if you’re quick enough to beat the 1-second load, you just need to Logout from the game. By clicking the More > Settings > Back to Login.

After that, login back to the game.

Once the game is loaded, quickly close the Event pop “Love & Care Starter Giftbox”.

Then immediately tap to the NPC Pink Flower.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to talk to the Pink Flower NPC and accept the New Home’s Hope.

Using Emulator to Fix

If you still have a bad time doing it on your mobile, like a hundred times of attempts. Your last resort is doing it from the Emulator which has a Keyboard Mapping where you can pinpoint the exact location on the screen with a keyboard key. This will allows you to close the event and tap the NPC quicker and precisely.

In our case, we use an emulator from our Emulator partner Tencent’s Gameloop emulator. You may also use other emulators that have key mapping functionality.

To do this, map these locations with a keyboard mapping. Below the bag icon, add a key for closing the Event pop up, then a key to the NPC as well. We use “P” for closing the pop-up and “O” for talking to the NPC. Check the screenshot below for the exact location.

Once you’re done setting up. Repeat the step above. Logout and Login. Once the game is loaded and the event pop-up appears, quickly type the keyboard letters you configure. Press P to close the pop-up, wait for a few milliseconds to disappear the pop-up, then Press O to talk to the NPC. Make sure to only type once to avoid your character from moving around.

Try this step for 3 to 5 attempts, it takes some few practices to succeed. If you still have a problem, please leave a comment down below – we may help you!

New Home’s Hope Quest

When you manage to talk to the Pink Flower NPC, you will able to accept the mission. A new NPC Ferrut will appear, talk to her and accept the mission to start.

The first task is you’ll be asked to collect a bag of water at the Prontera South Gate. Collect it and go back to Ferrut.

The remaining quest will be straight-forward, just follow the guide on the quest list – there should be a yellow cursor in the map pointing to the next destination.

After a couple of Back and Fourth quest, you’ll unlock the following rewards

  • Furniture Storage Box
  • Furniture Gallery

How to Get Home

First of all, you need a 1,000,000 Zeny or 10pcs of Reward Voucher to build your home. You can also use Reward Voucher to deduct the zeny cost. Each Reward Voucher will deduct 100,000 zeny from the total cost. (Eg. If you have 5 Reward Voucher, you only need to pay 500,000 Zeny and 5 Reward Voucher)

Once you’ve completed the New Home’s Hope quest, you can now talk to Ferrut at the bottom right corner of Prontera.

There will be a new option when talking to Ferrut, Build the Cabin. If you have enough zeny or a Reward voucher, you can now purchase your new home.

If you purchase, you’ll get the following rewards: 1 x Blueprint Manual and 1 x Home Property Certificate. You’ll also unlock the Home Prestige.

You can then sign your Deed of Home Purchase. Customizing it with your own Homes name and add your beautiful signature on it.

To access your New Home, just go to More > Home. Then Enter Home.

How to Purchase Furniture

To add a Furniture, you can purchase it at the Geppetto’s Furniture shop NPC located at the bottom right corner of Prontera, or you can simply open your Blueprint Manual and select the Shop Series you want to purchase.

The materials can be purchased from Sif Furniture Store.

ItemsCostLimit per Week
Plateau Wood5,000 Zeny200
Nine World Rough Stone150,000 Zeny10
Potted Landscape – Blue Cloud Blueprint75 Eden CoinUnlimited
Potted Landscape – Verdant Blueprint75 Eden Coin Unlimited

How to Edit Home, Place Furniture

To edit your home, you need to talk to the Delilah NPC inside your home.

Then pick Start Building, it will then show you a quick tutorial on how to maneuver the house improvement.

You may also purchase furniture straight from the Build Home.

How to Upgrade or Expand Home

To upgrade your Cabin, you need to reach the total rating of the following blueprint expansion house.

Home Ratings Required / Free Stats

Forest Drizzle Series
Ratings Required:

Free Stats:
MaxHP +12

Candy Sweet
Ratings Required:

Free Stats:
M.Atk + 4

Presidential Suite
Ratings Required:

Free Stats:
M.Atk + 6

Whitewater Drift
Ratings Required:

Free Stats:
P.Atk + 4

Merl Express
Ratings Required:

Free Stats:
P.Atk + 6

How to Increase Home Rating

There are lots of ways to increase the Home Rating, one of the basic way is by adding a piece of furniture to your house or by inviting your friends to come over.

Below we’ve listed all the possible ways to increase home rating.

  • Add Furniture – Basically, adding furniture will increase the home rating of your house.
  • Invite Friends – Invite your friend to come over your place, this will eventually increase the popularity and home rating of your house.
  • Others – We will still searching other ways on how to add a home rating, go back to this page for more updates.

Home Ratings has also a level. Every level you earn, you’ll also get a free permanent buff to your character.

1HP Recovery Speed Increased by 5%
2SP Recovery Speed Increased by 5%
3Base EXP obtained from battle increased by 5%
4Job EXP obtained from the battle increased by 5%
5EXP gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%
6Friendship gained by pets in your Pet House increased by 10%
7Number of simultaneous pet work slots increased by 1
8Bag slots increased by 20
9Drops from field battles +3%. Gear refining expenses zeny -5%
10All attributes +3, enchantment cost reduced by 10%

How to Level Up Home Prestige

Talk to the Furniture Store NPC, Sif at the bottom right corner of Prontera. When you talk to him it will show the level of your Home Prestige and the experience bar.

To increase the Home Prestige level, click the Bonus button on the left corner to show the Golden Apples present button.

Then press the Present button to give Golden Apples.

Sending presents to Sif will increase the Home Prestige experience and upgrade it

How to Get Golden Apples

If you ever wonder why the Golden Apples keep appearing in your inventory. This is because you usually rewarded a Golden Apples when you craft furniture for your home.

Yes! You just only need to craft furniture and eventually you’ll get a Golden Apples. It will automatically send to your backpack.

Important Function Furniture

Some furniture in Episode 6.0 has also unique functionality that you can use for enchant, listening to music, receive lots or even teleport to any maps.

FurnitureAbilitiesCost / Required

Colorful Television
Synthesize, Creativity

It allows you to watch the previous CG film or Cut-scene in the game.

Unlock Reward:
M.Atk +6

1 x Colorful Television Blueprint
1 x Nine Worlds Rough Stone
700 x Temporal Crystal
20 x Plateau Wood
503 x Hand of God
3 x Star Crumb

Reach Home Prestige Lv.5 to unlock

Time Phonograph
(Music Player)
Synthesize, Creativity

It allows you to play music inside the home, invite other friends to earn more popularity points.

Unlock Reward:
M.Atk +6
1 x Time Phonograph Blueprint
1 x Nine Worlds Rough Stone
531 x Box Wrapper
15 x Plateau Wood
308 x Necklace of Oblivion
2 x Rose Quartz

Reach Home Prestige Lv.3 to unlock

Sail with the Wind
(Ship Statue)
Decoration, Statue

Gain DMG to water type element mob +5% buff, last 5 hours
(Doesn’t work with Magic Classes)

Unlock Reward:
Max HP +60, Atk + 3
1 x Sail with the Wind Blueprint
5 x Nine Worlds Rough Stone
1545 x Glass Bead
60 x Plateau Wood
1510 x Scell
9 x Dragon Scale

Reach Home Prestige Lv.9 to unlock

Adventurer’s Map
Decoration, Wall Decoration

It allows you to teleport to any maps.

Unlock Reward:
Max HP + 30, M.Def + 1.5

1 x Adventurer’s Map Blueprint
1 x Nine Worlds Rough Stone
500 x Abyss Flower
10 x Plateau Wood
500 x Sticky Mucus
2 x Pearl

Reach Home Prestige Lv. 16 to unlock

Memory Frame
Decoration, Wall Decoration

It allows you to customize the frame with a photo from your photo album.

Unlock Reward:
Max HP + 30, Atk + 1.5
1 x Memory Frame Blueprint
12 x Plateau Wood
318 x Brigan
444 x Cyfar
1 x Time Twister

Reach Home Prestige Lv. 8 to unlock

Cute Claw’s Nest
(Pet House)
Synthesize, Pets

It allows you to store pet for fusion and for intimacy. Save a lot of time than carrying it in the adventure.

Unlock Reward:
Atk + 6
1 x Cute Claw’s Nest Blueprint
1014 x Brigan
6 x Soft Feather
50 x Plateau Wood
1002 x Ice Cube

Reach Home Prestige Lv.7 to unlock

Fireplace – Flower Fire
Homemaking, Fireplace

Allows you to collect fire crystal, coal, and lava gem

Unlock Reward:
Max HP + 90, M.Atk + 4.5
1 x Fireplace – Flower Fire
2 x Nine Worlds Rough Stone
5 x Cursed Ruby
20 x Plateau Wood
660 x Temporal Crystal

Hayward’s Worktop
Homemaking, Cupboards

Allows you to refine/mora and enchant with a discount of 5% to 10%

Unlock Reward:
Max HP + 20, M.Atk + 1
1 x Hayward’s Workshop
624 x Heart
5 x Plateau Wood
1 x Pearl

Reach Home Prestige Lv.2 to unlock

That’s it! I hope this guide helps you build your first home in Ragnarok Mobile! Enjoy!

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