How to Take Shower in Death Stranding

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After Sam Porter delivers her mother to the Incinerator to cremate her body. Sam goes back to the distribution center to report back and send back BB. After Sam gets some rest, you’ll find him in his quarter room. Mr. Die-Hardman then instructed Sam to take a shower and clean up in the private room. Some players got stuck on this part because the option to go to Shower is nowhere to find.

If you’re one of those players who have no idea or not yet figure out how the basic navigation game works. This guide will help you how to figure out it.

How to Take a Shower

To take a shower, it is very simple. You just need to move the camera to the Private Room on the left corner. Make sure to tilt up the camera to enable the three choices.

Once you’ve tilt-up the camera, the Take a Shower label will come up. Press Triangle to take a shower.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide helps you with your questions!

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