How to Soothe a Crying BB (Baby) in Death Stranding

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When Sam Porter gets damage or stumbles while delivering materials to its destination in Kojima’s newest game Death Stranding. The BB or baby of Sam will increase its stress level where you need to silent or soothe the baby from crying and reduce the stress levels.

There are players have hard time figuring out how to properly soothe the babies either because they are new with the controls of the game. In this guide, we will help you with how to properly soothe the crying BB.

How to Silent a Crying BB

To soothe or silent a crying BB. First, make sure are in stand position.

Then, press and hold the L1 button, then press and hold the d-pad down button. Sam will then look at the BB.

After that, press the square button. Wait for few seconds then release all of the press buttons. Sam will then stand up and hold the BB.

To make the Soothing more effective, you need to rock the baby back and forth. To rock the baby, just swing your controller forward and backward using its gyro sensor.

Once the BB stops crying, you can now press the square button to stop and it should be good now.

That’s it! I hope this mini-guide helps you soothe BB in the Death Stranding.

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