How to Get More Game Designer Event Coin in Ragnarok Mobile

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For this month’s event Jojo Adventure in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, there is a new redeem item called Game Designer Event Coin where the player can use it to purchase item from their shop, and it can be obtained from the various mission during the event.

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  1. What is Game Designer Event Coin
  2. How to Get More Game Designer Event Coin

What is Game Designer Event Coin

Inside this shop, there are plenty of new items included in the shop in which you can purchase using the Game Designer Event Coin (GDEC) like the Ep 6.0 Rune Stones. Below is a list of items.


Smooth Rune Stone
20 GDEC5

Faint Rune Stone
12 GDEC15

Praying Card Pack
12 GDEC10

Gold Medal
12 GDEC10

Seed of Mastela
18 GDEC3

Nine Worlds Rough
12 GDEC15

Valkyrie’s Gift
10 GDEC10

In total, you need 854 Game Designer Event Coin (GDEC) to purchase all of the items in the shop.

How to Get More Game Designer Event Coin

To obtain more GDEC, you need to participate in the Jojo Adventure event. It is available for the whole month. However, the event details announced by the Ragnarok M Eternal Love dev team seems not complete and only listed 1 event that you can get the Game Designer Event Coin.

Below are the list of event in which you can join to obtain more of this.

  • Event 1: I’m not Poring (November 1 to 7, 2019) – The I’m not Poring event is a 5-day quest, and each daily completion will reward you a 50 GDEC. In total, you can get up to 250 GDEC.
  • Mission Board (Extra Rewards) – There is no official date for this, but you can get another set of 50 GDEC when you finish the Mission Board quest. It runs for 7 days.
  • Guild Donations (Extra Rewards) – Still no official date, but during this time, you’ll get another 50 GDEC when you donate to your Guild every day. It will still run for 7 days
  • We will update this post once we got information when it will happen.

That’s it! Hope these small tips help you get an idea on how to get more GDEC.

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