How to Build Bridge in Construction Site in Death Stranding

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In Order No. 10, Construction Bridge mission in Death Stranding, Sam Porter was tasked to build a bridge at the designated construction site near the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. You might not have a problem building the bridge when you reach the area as the options to build a bridge is nowhere to find. However, the mistakes are just how you press the button.

In this guide, we will help you complete the bridge construction and how to properly press the Option button to access the Structure Menu.

How to Construct a Bridge

To build a bridge in Order No. 10, you just need to reach the Construction Zone near the river from Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

Once you’ve reached the area, there will be a PPC like machine pop-ups on the top of the bridge.

When you’re close to the machine, there are two options – Like and Structure Menu. To open correctly the Structure Menu, you need to press and hold the option button then release after the circle progress bar complete.

It will then open the Bridge Foundation Menu, at the right corner, there is a Materials Required to Complete. You’ll find here the amount of Metal needed in order to complete the bridge. In our case, we need 200 metals. You also need to take note that other online players are also contributing to building the bridge and some of you might only need fewer metal to complete this mission.

Once you have those numbers of materials you can then select the Complete Structure.

Select the Metal Materials and add it to the Structure. Press Confirm to complete the bridge construction.

Sam Porter will now be building the bridges.

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