Galaxy Wander, November Headwear Gacha in Ragnarok Mobile

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It’s Gacha’s time again! For this month Gachapon Headwear is themed Galaxy Wander, featuring sleep time costumes, the cute black cat and a half-moon.

The attributes that you can get in Galaxy Wander Gacha focus more on Magic, Penetration and Sleep resistance. If you have no idea on how to roll for Gacha in Headwear Gachapon, the NPC for this is located on the south left corner of Prontera, near the games. The NPC is named Fantasy Generator I – Fantasy Circus.

Galaxy Wander Headwear Gachapon

Here is the set of Gachapon for the new theme.


Starlight Lullaby
Item Type: Mouth

Magic Damage +4%
Cast Time Variable -5%
When Refine +6, All Skills’ SP cost – 5%
Deposit Reward: Atk + 1%, M.Atk + 1%
Unlock Reward: None


Moonlight Swing
Item Type: Back

Pen +5%
When auto-attacking, it has a 10% chance to cause a Bleeding effect on the target for 3 seconds.
Damage to Bleeding target +5%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 120
Unlock Reward: None


Carousel Dream [1]
Item Type: Headwear

Max HP +8%
Sleep Resistance + 10%
When taking damages, there is a 10% chance to cause sleep effect to attacker for 3 seconds.
Deposit Reward: Atk + 6, M.Atk + 6
Unlock Reward: None


Slow-wave Sleep [1]
Item Type: Headwear

Int + 2
M.Atk + 20
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 60, M.Def + 4
Unlock Reward: None


Doze Kitty
Item Type: Face

Max HP + 200
Sleep Effect & Duration +5%
Deposit Reward: Atk +4, M.Atk + 4
Unlock Reward: None


Milkyway Dreamwalker
Item Type: Tail

Agi + 2
Move Speed + 2%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 60, Def + 4
Unlock Reward: None


That’s it! Hope this mini-reference helps you check what’s this month gachapon headwear!

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