Force of Guardians, a new Pixel Art MOBA 3v3 Game from Godlike

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GODLIKE Games release a new game, Force of Guardians. Prepare for the next level of MOBA in the SEA server this December!

Force of Guardians pixel art mobo game

GODLIKE Games announced a big surprise before new year release new game call Force of Guardians or FOG famous mobile MOBA with Pixel style guarantee with many rewards from game media all around the world support with 6 different language Thai, English, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Chinese will be release in southeast Asia this December.

Force of Guardians pixel moba Gameplay

Force of Guardians (FOG) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) from IDFAME MOBA with Pixel style on mobile design for multiplayer with 3-5 minutes per game with many extreme features such as:


The player will enjoy choosing a hero to fight for their battle with more 25 heroes to choose with different class Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Shooter, and Support, which provide different skills to create many strategies for the team battle.

Force of the guardian heroes moba pixel art


A lot of modes to choose from / less than 5 minutes per game.

Force of Guardian modes moba pixel art game

Player will able to join the battle in FOG everywhere and every time especially in classic mode with average 3-5 minutes per game, in classic mode divide into 3 types of battle.

  • Force Rite 3 vs 3 Orb collecting mode which team collect 10 orbs first, win the battle
  • Dungeon Gladiator 1 vs 11 extreme Survival mode player has to battle with the other 11 players and last man standing win.
  • Valor Arena 3 vs 3 arena mode player need to fight with other team gain control of the monster in the field, which team destroys the tower first win.

Moreover, there a lot of limited-time events for a player to join such as Abyss mode 3 vs 3 vs 3 vs 3 modes that each team has 8 minutes to defeat boss but also has to beware of another team player.

And in the future FOG will update a lot of new modes, for example, Asymmetric Competition 2 vs 8 2 players will become a boss and have to fight with other 8 players and Tower Defense 5 vs 5 vs 5 and much more to come in the future so be prepared.

100+ Equipments

Beside Hero and Mode FOG has equipment features more than 220 equipment to choose and more than 100 weapons to combine with your heroes

Force of Guardian moba pixel equipment

SEA Server with 6 different Languages

The player can enjoy playing with another player from Southeast Asia because FOG has 6 different languages Thai, English, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Chinese.

Guarantee from Many Game Medias

Many positive feedbacks from game media all around the world

moba force of guardian pixel art

“Pixel Art style and MOBA this is a game that we really like, and it also playable through our mobile phone. I think people will talk about this game in the future!”, Rookie Price Nominee, Tokyo Game Show 2017.

“It’s a beautiful pixel art game and unlike LoL or basically any other MOBA, this may honestly be the first truly portable MOBA.”, Pax East 2017, Best Gameplay Winner.

“This game might similar to other MOBA game but there many original and creative in this game that so addictive such as buff’s random or in-game skill”, Famitsu

Moreover, the game platform website Square Enix Collective has been reviewed Force of Guardians, which gain a lot of attention to people

Force of Guardians is a mobile MOBA Pixel style that a lot of gamers has been waiting and this game will be released to southeast Asia this December

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