Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes – The New Tower Defense Card Strategy Game Has Officially Launched

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Tap heroes, conquer kingdoms – Officially Launches Today!

The highly-anticipated card strategy game Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes has officially launched! Developed by Shengqu Technology, Dynasty Defense is an innovative strategy game that combines the lore of the Three Kingdoms period with the mixed of tower defense and card battle gameplay. After gaining over 500,000 pre-registrations, the game launched throughout Southeast Asia with tremendous fanfare. Join the war now and forge your own legacy!

Dynasty Defense & Low cost Cosplay

The famous FB personality, @Lowcostcosplay got creative with his own renditions of a classic Three Kingdoms character. Can you guess the famous general he is imitating?

Rewards

Players who will sign in today will get a special gift pack. However, it’s a first-come and first-served only. 

So hurry up and claim these rewards:

  • 88 x Gold
  • 3 x Meat Bun
  • 1 x Darksteel Blade
  • 1 x Hero Card Cao Ren

Innovative Tower Defense Gameplay & Real-Time Strategy

Unlike the regular tower defense game, Dynasty Defense combines a rich plot with precise controls for operating defenses like the rolling boulders and the giant cannons.

This game tests each player’s ability to create their own unique strategy and gives the player a higher sense of control over the battlefield.

Collect Powerful Cards & Build Formidable Lineups

Pre-battle planning and deployment will be the main keys to being victorious in the game.

Hundreds of Three Kingdom generals that comes with different attributes and vulnerabilities can be collected and enhanced, which adds fun and complexity to the Dynasty Defense’s strategic gameplay.

A Rich & Varied Interactive Experience

In addition to the main storyline, there are also a number of side stories that player can participate in, such as “Arena”, “Attack Xiongnu”, and “The Legion”. Challenge other players in real-time, team up to defeat common foes, and get your hands on the spoils of war! 

It’s time to build your own fortress – come and join the battle for the legendary Three Kingdoms!

Download Dynasty Defense Mini Heroes today from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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