Battle Realms Steam Page is Up and Future Plan of Ed Del Castillo for the Game Franchise (Interview)

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Good news to everyone! The Steam page for Battle Realms Winter of the Wolf is now up and running on Steam, plus we got an exclusive interview with the Founder of Liquid Entertainment, Edward Del Castillo; about the future plan of the Battle Realms franchise such as possibilities of MOBA eSports, Battle Realms remake, Battle Realms 2 and the trilogy.

Battle Realms Steam Release date

Last week, the announcement of the Community Manager of Battle Realms, KoMiKoZa became a talk of the town in social media, many fans were excited about the release of Battle Realms on Steam.

The game page is now up and running on Steam as Battle Realms + Winter of the Wolf. The game will support up to 1600 x 1200 resolution and support Windows 10. The online feature of the game is powered with Remote Play Together of steam.

battle realms listing

The estimated early access release date of the game is by December 3, 2019.

Interview with the Game Creator, Ed Del Castillo

In our interview with Ed Del Castillo, we asked a few questions about the Steam version and what the fans could expect when the game is released in the public.

GamingPH: Will the Battle Realms Steam version will be compatible with the modern OS like Windows 10, etc..?

Ed Del Castillo: Yes.

GamingPH: Is it available in Steam for MAC as well? if not, any plans?

Ed Del Castillo: The only PC right now, but we would like to make a Mac version  (: I’m a Mac user now also 🙂

GamingPH: The GOG version currently has a problem with multiple monitors, and in order to run the game, players need to disable the other monitors to make it work. Is the Steam version will work with multiple monitors connected to the system? 

Ed Del Castillo: It should be fully compatible, the programmer was developing on 2 screens and never had a problem playing the game once the work was done.

GamingPH: What is the maximum resolution for the steam version? will it support 1080p or 4K?

Ed Del Castillo: Right now we are limited to 1600 x 1200 but we are looking to expand this.

GamingPH: The online version? Is BR Steam using the “Remote Play Together” of steam? or it has a dedicated server?

Ed Del Castillo: If by “Remote Play Together” you are referring to P2P, then  yes, it’s P2P.  That means that the lobby creator will host the online match, it is not a client / server setup.

Future Plan of Battle Realms Franchise

We also asked their future plan on the Battle Realms video game franchise including the possibilities of a remake of the original Battle Realms, the BR2, BR3, and a MOBA eSports.

GamingPH: The Battle Realms Steam version announcement becomes viral and talk of the town, not just in the Philippines but overseas. With that, the game will surely get tons of support for any new release of the game. Do you have plans to release a Battle Realms 2? or a full remake of the original game?

Ed Del Castillo: I have lots of plans. 😉   The game was originally conceived as a trilogy.  As support allows, I’m planning a full remake of the game, the origin story of the Lotus clan – Lair of the Lotus, as well as BR2 and BR3.  There is so much great story for the players to play.

GamingPH: Are you considering a Battle Realms MOBA game? or an Esports of this game?

Ed Del Castillo: Once upon a time we even considered making a game around the Wolf Clan sport – Wolfball.  It’s fair to say that nothing is off the table.  Battle Realms is a world not just a game and lots can happen in that world.

GamingPH: What are your future plans for Battle Realms?

Ed Del Castillo: Step 1 is to reintroduce it to the world.  Step 2 is to update everything to today’s quality bar.  Beyond that, the sky is the limit.  I still love the Battle Realms so much and can’t wait for people to get a chance to play in that world again.

That’s it! So, Battle Realms is indeed real and some of the assumptions of the public are finally been answered! Right now, what you can do is wait for the release, add the game to your Steam wishlist and give as much as full support to the game.

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