Sony’s Latest Console is “Playstation 5”, Expected to Release during 2020 Holiday

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PS5 or Playstation 5 is the new and final name of the upcoming next-generation console of Sony, it is after the official announcement made by Sony today in their blog. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, also revealed the launch date of the new console, set to launch during 2020’s holiday – around December next year.

It is also mentioned the new changes they made to their new controller, replacing the decade rumble technology since the original PlayStation into a new haptic feedback technology that features a “broader range of feedback” which gives immersive gaming experience. The new controller will also include support to USB-C cables and uses larger batteries for longer use, and also improved the built-in speakers.

Aside from that, the L2/R2 triggers are upgraded to its new technology called “adaptive triggers”. According to Sony, their programmers were able to program the resistance of the trigger, giving a much more feel on the tension when you draw back and force when pressing and hitting the triggers.

In addition, PS5 will also use the 100GB Blu-ray, but will require to install all games internally. However, all of the next game that will be installed is powered with their super-fast SSD drives. The home interface of the console is also revamped giving much more view for games, libraries and navigations.

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