October Headwear Gachapon (Thunder Lord) in Ragnarok Mobile

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Gacha time! The new headwear gachapon for the month of October is the Thunder Lord, featuring a unique head wear inspired from a Samurai and the lord of thunder, similar to One Piece’s God Enel. Aside from that, it also includes the free headwear for the monthly premium subscription which is the Thunder’s Heritage.

The Headwear Gachapon can be access at the south left corner of Prontera, near the gates. The NPC for this gachapon is the Fantasy Generator I – Fantasy Circus.

The cost for rolling gacha is 21 BCC or 30 V

Thunder Lord Headwear Gachapon

Here are the new set of Gachapon for the October.


Thunder Taiko
Item Type: Back

All Attributes +2
Physical Damage + 5%
Magical Damage + 5%
When auto attacking, has a 10% chance to grand an Encourage buff to all party members within 8-meter range.

Encourage buff: Physical Atk & Magical Atk + 1% and Movement Speed +1%;

Maximum stacks: 8 times
Deposit Reward: Atk +1%
Unlock Reward: None


Prince of Thunder
Item Type: Tail

Wind Element Damage + 8%
Stun Effect & Duration + 8%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 120
Unlock Reward: None


Thunder God’s Kabuto [1]
Item Type: Headwear

Physical Penetration +4%
When auto attacking, has a 30% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds (Internal cooldown: 10 sec)
Damage to stunned targets +10%
Deposit Reward: Atk +6, M. Atk +6
Unlock Reward: None


Amanojaku Tusk
Item Type: Mouth

Crit. Def + 2
Crit. Dmg Reduction + 4%
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 60
Unlock Reward: None


Amanojaku Horn [1]
Item Type: Headwear

All Attributes +1
Damage to Undead Monster + 3%
Deposit Reward: Atk + 4, M.Atk +4
Unlock Reward: None


Silver Arrow
Item Type: Mouth

Critical +2
Atk + 20
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 60, Def + 4
Unlock Reward: None


Thunder Heritage
Item Type: Headwear

Max HP + 150
Max SP + 50
Deposit Reward: Max HP + 30
Unlock Reward: None


What is Thunder Taiko

The most interesting item on this batch of headwear is the Thunder Taiko, in which it gives an additional 8% for both Physical Damage and Magical Damage to the enemy. Plus, it has an 8 maximum stack buffs of Encourage. Which will also gives a total of 8% Physical Damage and Magical Damage.

Similar to other buff effect, Encourage Buff can only be activated using Auto Attack and will not show icons indicators.

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