New Spin on Tower Defense – Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes announced today!

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Tap heroes, conquer kingdoms – Pre-registration has begun

A brand new tower defense game with card battle elements is coming! Heroes hailing from the three kingdoms period will grace the coming months with an extraordinary story of strategy and conquest. Today Shengqu Games announces its new creative card battle tower defense game, “Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes”. Shengqu Games offers an action-packed battleground combining card collecting, tower defense, and strategy formulation.

Pre-register now on Google Play or the App Store.

Influencer Emojis

Exclusive emoji packs from some of the Dynasty Defense’s top influencers have also been created. These emoji packs from VRZO can be found and used in the LINE app to chat with your guildmates and friends!

An unexpected, Brand new card Battle Tower Defense Game

Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes is set in ancient China during the tumultuous Three Kingdoms era. Dynasty Defense is a game that promises to celebrate the period’s legendary heroes on and off the battlefield. Through the wise collection, clever combinations and organization, master your very own dynasty with real strategy and tactics. Besides upgrading and combining towers, you must pay attention to the details of each battle as they unfold, utilizing special abilities like storms or hail, or by making use of unique map elements to gain the upper hand on your opponent.

Endless fun from multiple gameplay modes

Other than the historic battles inspired by real events, a variety of gameplay modes are available in Dynasty Defense. Defeat the invaders with your allies to protect your turf. Save the weak and the innocent together with the power of hero doctors. And climb to the top of your perch to oversee your country. When it comes to tower defense and card battle games, you’ll have to bring both your quick wit and swift reflexes if you wish to carry the day!

It’s time to build your decks and defend your towers! Dynasty Defense: Mini Heroes awaits you!

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