Mining Save and Load Trick Tools in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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If you’ve been using the Save and Load tricks in Doraemon Story of Season, for mining rare materials and getting specific ore. We have a tool for you to use, it’s easy and will allow you to plot all of the locations with just a tap.

Using the Save and Load tricks will save you a lot of Stamina and can also be used to reach the B10F or 10th floor of the mining ground. However, this trick will take a lot of time but it will be worth it as you’ll get more money. when you’re in a rush to get something for an upcoming event, this is very handy.

Table of Contents

  1. Mining Tile Plotter Tool
  2. How to Save and Load Trick

Mining Tile Plotter Tool

We’ve created a tool that will allow you to plot the tiles that have interesting materials. This way, you don’t need to memorize or write it down in a paper for you to re-mine the spot.

You can use our Mining Tile Plotter Tool here:

If you need the old version, you can access it here:

We’ve added a color combination where you can use it to distinguish the kind of material you’ll prioritize.

How to Save and Load Trick

Here’s how to do it. Before you dig on every floor in the mining area, you need to Save your progress first.

Now, find the materials that you’re interested in a tile, or the rope/door for the next floor. Use the plotter tool to plot those tiles.

If you finally found the rope/door or the materials you’re interested in. Load the progress and re-dig the spot you just plotted. This way, you’ll save a lot of Stamina for digging useless tiles.

Redo this step for the next floor, until you reach your desired floor. Save, Find/Dig, Load, and Redig.

We recommended using the plotter when you reach B5F to B9F. As this floor contains rare and expensive materials.

You can also check our video guide below.

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