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Good news to all Ragnarok fans, the much-awaited event Lisa Blackpink crossover for Ragnarok mobile is finally here and it will start today.

Update as of 11/10/2019 @ 11:47 AM, F2P players can get additional FREE Lisa Supporting Wand through their alternative character in their account. Giving them additional 2 wands per day.

Table of Contents

  1. Event 1: Lisa Support Event
  2. Event 2: Lisa Supporting Pack
  3. Event 3: Share Event
  4. Lisa Premium
  5. How to Get Lisa Assistant Invitation Letter
  6. How to Get More Lisa Supporting Wand

In this guide, we will help you walk through you to all of the 3 events.

Event 1: LISA Supporting Event

Starting October 31 to November 12, 2019, players can now accept a mission from the NPC, named Love music Kutch at the Prontera near the Fountain.

Then accept the mission called Girl and Adventure. Lisa then will appear near Nasha. Talk to Lisa to proceed with the mission.

For 2nd day to the last day, Lisa will appear in the Prontera near the fountain. Just talk to her to accept the mission and the rest will be straightforward.

This event is a 5-daily mission and each daily completion will allow players to receive a reward.

The rewards are the following:

  • 2 x Lisa Support Wand
  • Extra rewards:
    • Lisa Premium
    • Leo Monster Egg

In total, you’ll get a 10 Lisa Supporting Wand by participating in this event.

Lisa Supporting Wand (LSW) – Players will be able to submit this item to LISA to gain power for her on the land of Rune Midgard. Each Wand can be exchanged for the following items:

  • 1 x Lisa Assistant Voucher for 30 LSW.
  • 1 x Lisa Support Headwear for 10 LSW.

Players who make to the top 100 leaderboards will also get an exclusive reward, a Lisa Title that they can use in-game.

The top 5 players will also receive the same reward and a Lisa autographed music album.

When using the LISA Assistant Voucher, players will be teleported to the Assistant Hall and can choose LISA as their premium assistant.

Using it will allow players to get the following:

Exclusive headwear LISA doll hat

  • Exclusive LISA headwear
  • LISA doll hat
  • Exclusive Pet “Leo”, which will hatch the LISA’s Cat.

Event time: Oct. 31st 12:00 – Nov. 14th 12:00

Event 2: LISA Supporting Pack

Starting October 31 to November 14, 2019, there are also exclusive items that will be available in the BCC recharged shop. At only 3 USD or 150 Php.

Players will get the following items:

  • 1 x LISA Support Wand
  • 2 x Close Contact with LISA
  • and other consumable items

Event Time: Oct. 31st. 12:00 to Nov.14th 12:00

Event 3: Share Event

Starting October 31 to November 14, 2019, the last event will be available. It is an easy tasked, just sharing this event on your Facebook Profile will allow you to receive a LISA Supporting Wand.

To share, you just need to talk to Love music Kutch NPC at the Prontera near the fountain and select the Share Event mission. Don’t forget to hit the Facebook button on the bottom right corner to get rewards.

Do this every day to get 1 x LISA Supporting Wand. In total, you’ll get a 15 x LISA Supporting Wand.

Event Time: Oct. 31st. 12:00 to Nov. 14th 12:00

Lisa Premium

Players will get a Lisa Premium from completing the Event 1. The premium contains LISA Doll Hat.

How to Get Lisa Assistant Invitation Letter

The LISA Supporting Wand (LSW) contains a shop. Inside this shop you can purchase the LISA Assistant Voucher which you can use as an invitation to get LISA as your Assistant in the game.

The cost of the LISA Assistant Voucher is 30 LSW.


LISA Assistant Voucher
30 LSW1

Lisa Support Headwear
10 LSW1

LISA Candy
1 LSWUnlimited

To make Lisa as your assistant you need the Lisa Assistant Invitation. Lisa will ask for Lisa Deacon Invitation Letter or Lisa Assistant Invitation when you tried to hire him as an assistant at the Assistant Hall.

If you don’t know how to get to Assistant Hall, just follow the portal on the top of Prontera. Then when you enter the Prontera Royal 1F, the portal on the upper left corner is going to Assistant Hall.

How to Get More LISA Supporting Wand

For F2P players, the total free LISA Supporting Wand that you can obtain all throughout the event is up to 25 LSW only. The other remaining wand can be obtained through BCC Shop or Recharge.

UPDATE: You can use your alt-character to get an additional 2 wand for 2 alt characters in your account.

  • Event 1: Lisa Supporting Event – Complete the daily tasked to get 2 x LSW. After completing the 5 daily tasks, you’ll get a total of 10 LSW.
  • Event 3: Share Event – Proceed to Love music Kutch to share it through Facebook, and you’ll get 1 LSW per day. Doing this every day until November 14, you’ll get a total of 15 LSW.
  • Event 2: BCC Shop – The last option is to get from BCC Shop. If your target is to make LISA as your assistant. You need a total of 5 x LISA Supporting Pack which will cost around 775 Pesos or 15 USD.

You may also watch our walkthrough video guide below.

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