How to Split up Items in Backpack in Doraemon Story of Seasons

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Probably the hardest to figure out basic mechanics in the game. The splitting of items into several slots from your backpack or storage box. Finding the option for the “Divvy up” is like needles in a haystack, even a long time player haven’t known that this option exists.

Splitting Item

In order to split an item, find an item that you’d like to split.

Then select the item. (Space in PC, A in Switch.)

Now, move the item to the empty slot, either from the backpack or storage box. When you move the item to the empty slot, the Divvy Up option will be shown.

Divvy Up the item to split it (V in PC, Y in Switch). The split window will pop up allowing you to select the amount of split. Press OK to finish splitting. (Space in PC, A in Xbox).

Now, you can press Close (Esc in PC, B in Switch) to place the remaining items to its original slot or you may Divvy up to another slot.

That’s it! You can now split the item into another slot making it more organized.

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